Friday, May 26, 2006

Well David took the 3 oldest girls to mesa for the weekend. Just today and Saturday but that is enough! Here is my agenda--shop, do laundry, get car washed, print out photos, scrap, organize my scrap area (almost done!) watch a movie, read, and whatever else the hell I want!

Schools out now and if anyone hears some screaming in the distance it might be me. This will be our first summer in Prescott--which on the one hand I am soooo looking forward to temps under 100 degrees. But we are in a smaller home and one that has no pool. And two pre-teen daughters that seem destined to annihilate each other. Please pray for me.

A-la Beth I added a weather pixie to my blog--it is way, way down at the bottom and shows the temperature in Italy where my son is! everyone have a great memorial day weekend--have lots of food, fun and scrapping opportunities...L


Shanna said...

YAY! One more year 'til Dallas is home! Hee hee :o)

Michelle said...

it might be me screaming too. We'll be in stereo!!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa have some fun! It is WAY too hot here to have any fun! BLAHH.. Take care tammi

Beth said...

So- ya gonna name him?


Come italian boy needs a name! ;)