Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy halloween everyone!

Monday, October 30, 2006

you know how when something is just meant to be? you'll never guess what was on my front doorstep this afternoon...yep, "the costume!" the box was all taped up and the woman's street number crosssed out and mine written in. oh, and it isn't a police officer uniform after all, i'm in the marines...the few, the proud, the Lisa...L

Friday, October 27, 2006

conversation between my oldest, most beloved daughter Brianne and myself:

me: i'm going to be a hooker for halloween

Brianne: well, at least you won't have to go and buy a costume!

damn, that girl is sassy and sarcastic--wonder where that came from???

oh--and the costume has been sent back--the fed ex man came by today and i told him the situation--he was literally bending over in two laughing so hard--he thought it was quite funny too--it wasn't him who left the package and i'm sure they are going to get a big kick out of it back at the office. of course not as big of a kick as my husband got ;)

happy weekend everyone!!!

WCQOTD (wedding crasher's quote of the day): Mrs. Cleary, I don't--Call me Kat--Okay, Kat--Call me "Kitty Kat."

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

what a day. where to start. first of all i went to Phoenix today--i had a lot of errands to run and things to do and david told me i could leave haley with him which was an extra bonus--since i have been feeling kind of yucky lately--and it was sooo nice to get a break from everything. so i did get my errands done and did get to visit lucky 15 and stop by and say hello to shanna and dropped off some much needed dr. pepper and a cookie--which led to much laughing and crying because we started quoting "the wedding crashers" then off to see Kerry to drop off some 7gypsies tape and see her cute halloween stuff before matthew loudly asks his mommy if they are going to target! um, matthew--why would you ask such a thing?? then i am on my way home.

so now the fun begins. i have been expecting some packages in the mail and there were three packages when i got home. so david was busy in the office and i proceeded to open my packages. one was a fed ex package that i was sure had my latest 2peas order in it. imagine my surprise when i open it and inside is a sexy police officer halloween costume--well, that is what i think it is. i just shake my head and laugh because i know david has ordered this for me to wear. i try it on and when i look in the mirror--um, lets just say that there are 2 huge lace ups in the back and it barely covers my "assets". i am thinking my naughty guy has big plans for this costume and it ain't for halloween!

so a few moments ago we returned from the grocery store and while david was putting away the groceries i run and change into "the costume" i come in my high heels into the kitchen and ask David to freeze--while i pretend to hold a gun. he then asks me where in the heck did i get that? i say--you ordered it--and he says--no i didn't--then i think he is surely kidding me and i say--of course you did--then he says--no really--and i tell him about the white box and how i opened it and yada, yada, yada. then david says--honey--that box is the neighbors--it had the wrong address on it and i was going to tell you about it. oh--i still think he is joking--so he asks where the box is and i tell him it is in the garage--starting to giggle and also worried at the same time now--so he brings the box in--sure enough--not my name on it or my address--they delivered it to the wrong house!!! OK--so serious laughter and worries now--since i have opened "the costume" and worn it and now what to do? take it over and say--oops--here's your uniform--happy halloween. david is laughing cuz now he wants to go spy on the neighbors to see who ordered this sex outfit and oh, yeah--he wants me to put it back on too. so yeah--happy halloween--and if anybody is missing their "costume" please give me a call and I'll hook you up with a sexy, albeit, slightly used naughty uniform...L

oh and shanna--MA--can you get us the meatloaf???

EDITED TO ADD: the best part--the name of the "costume" company--FORPLAY!! And the biggest lesson i learned--must wear my reading glasses while opening all mail and packages from now on!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

well, we are back from disneyland--yeah, we are in recovery mode right now. anna started throwing up last night so i pray that it is a fluke and not stomach flu going around that is going to hit our family of six! but we had fun and my grass just got delivered so all is well! and i'm talking about the kind of grass that goes in your back yard, not the smokin' kind! i don't have pictures to post since my small digi camera was broke and i took my compact FILM camera--yeah--i had to stop myself from checking out the back of the camera every time! so i am posting updated emails from my missionary son. the first one is the one we got the day we left for disneyland--the second one i got this morning. have i ever said that i love that boy? cuz i do...L

Well this is a pretty sad day for me. I have to pack my bags and go to Ravenna. I got transferred. WHen I got the phone call I just felt my heart break in two. I love this place and despite all the struggles here we just found three golden investigators but I will not get to help them embrace this glorious gospel. I just sat down and cried last night. Manly tears. I met so many people here and I jsut stinks to leave but, I know that the Lord wants me to go to Ravenna and thats where Ill go. Man, time flys in the mission I just start getting a hang of things and using preach my gospel to the max and its almost over. I feel like I need to run all over yelling the good news to everyone that the church has been restorded. However, once a missionary always a missionary. Its like Joseph Smith said, "after all is said, our most important duty is to preach the gospel." I pray that the Lord will give me the strength to continue this great work not just till the end of my mission but to the end of my life. I love all of you. Ciao!

2nd email:

Hey everyone! So Iam at Ravenna. Its a small city but very pretty. My comps name is Anziano Bergensen and he is a stud. We get all long too good. Well there are about twenty active members here soo yea we got some work too do but, we already seen a bunch of blessings. We found three new investigators and we had a investigator family in church on sunday. Sweet. Oh yeah my comp is from Indianna. Cool. Huh. We just get along soooo good but we need to make sure we dont have too much fun. For example we were doing the Mostra this showboard thing about the church and just stopping people all over the place and they kept saying im not interested before we even start talking so I said "hi" to a guy and he said "im not interested" and I said "o. ok. I just wanted to give away a thousand euro but, your not interested ok have a nice day." Yea not very christlike but we laughed forever and we had fun but yea I wont do it again. Well cool stuff. Love you all and just be happy thats what Heavenly Father wants for us to be. Happy.

oh, and as a sidenote--i came clean with the neighbor's wife--well, i left her a message on her phone and apologized for both the mooning and then lying about the mooning. brianne should be happy!!! now off to search for a halloween costume, and no it ain't gonna be a bare ass one--i can do that myself!

Monday, October 09, 2006

i must preface this post with a little known fact of myself. I'm a mooner. I moon people. not all the time and not just anyone, but friends and family have not been a stranger to me pulling my pants down and getting a flash of my backside. it's just funny. i once mooned my sister and her entire family at disneyland (and whoever else was driving by the intersection at katella!)

ok--so the other day david and i are driving and we drive past our neighbor's real estate office which is just down the street from us and david says that i should moon him--we are just laughing hysterically and i say no way and there were people in the office anyway--so we went on by--then when we drive back later david is like --ok moon him. so it seemed funny as hell at the time--so i mooned him--then i'm thinking--oh, he's gonna tell his wife and she doesn't like me anyway--blah, blah, blah. david says he could see him leaning way out of his desk and looking out the window when i mooned him. so david calls him last night to talk to him and then hands me the phone and says his wife wants to talk to me--then she tells me--so i heard you mooned my husband--please don't do that again--i was so freaked out i told her that david made me and she said 'what, you got no will of your own? you can't control whether you pull your pants down?' so now i think she is totally pissed--which if she had mooned david i totally wouldn't care--it's just a butt! and i wasn't like 2 feet in front of him--i was way down the street in a truck driving by. so then i was getting nervous so i told her i didn't do it and that her husband and mine were making up stories--then she says 'well, i didn't think nice mormon girls did that' david says i should have told her 'who said i was a nice mormon girl?' :) david says she was just teasing me but i wasn't sure.

so i get off the phone with her and i'm freaking out and telling david "i told you that was a bad idea--now she's mad at me and not only did i moon her husband i just freakin' lied about! oy vey" and now she's gonna want to know who's lying--me or her husband. so later this same night (last night) i am in the bedroom and david comes around the corner talking on his cell--he is just saying "um, yeah, ok. well here she is" then he tries to hand me the phone and tells me it is the wife again. i am about to hyperventilate and i'm yelling at david that i don't want to talk to her. he keeps handing me the phone and like an idiot i take it and say 'hello' and you have to realize that at this point i am a wreck! well, i don't hear anything--no one talking, no noise, anything--what i do hear at that moment is my husband keeled over on the bed laughing hysterically--he can't stop except to say "april fools!" hell--it's october!! he says he is taking this as his april fools cuz he can never get me and I always get him so it is his "april fools in october" then he tells me that i can "blog that!" ha ha

so he's right--he got me good. and the moral to this story--leave your pants on!! and then if you don't want everyone to know for heaven's sake don't blog it!

oh--and brianne if you're reading this i'm sorry--you should know your momma well enough by now to know she does stupid things like this! ok--shanna--you can stop snorting now! :)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

well, on my last post my oldest daughter commented on the fact that she didn't have any pics of her up on my blog--but if she had been reading it all along she would have known that in july after the hawaii trip there are a lot of pics of her--really cute ones too! so i guess i'll add another here. thanks brianne for brightening my day and week for me. love you and miss you and can't wait until thanksgiving!!