Friday, February 27, 2009

for my birthday i had my kids let me take pictures of them with me and them alone and all together and any combo i could think of. they couldn't deny their mom her one birthday request. photos. of course it is taking me an impossibly long time to photoshop them, scrap them or any other thing. that's my life right now.

but i just had the most incredible experience with taylor lately. it's personal and private and something i will hold with me for a long time. we connected on a level that i'm sure doesn't happen all the time with a teenager and her mom. although i've never had a problem yet with teenagers. i always enjoyed my kids when they were teenagers. and i'm enjoying taylor and carson right now too.

and brianne called me with a sweet memory she had this week. one where she was at home outside watching and waiting for me to come home. and how she always was happiest when i was there at home with her. thanks brianne for sharing that with me today. i am happy when i have my girls (and one boy!LOL) at home with me. i know it's not PC to say as a woman that your kids are your life. but MY KIDS ARE MY LIFE! i love them and cherish them and enjoy having them with me. ok--sometimes i do enjoy a minute or two to myself...L

Sunday, February 15, 2009

it's been a crazy week around here. but there have been a few bright spots.

it snowed like crazy on monday. all day and night and it was so pretty the next morning. the girls got a snow day and a delayed start. they sledded down the driveway, built a snowman and made lots of laundry for me!

i received some late birthday gifts from shanna and kerry on the same day. and they came on a day that i needed cheering up. if you can't tell i got a music cd (linkin park), hot tamales and mickey d's gift certificate from kerry. shanna sent me a wicked cool birthday card and ALL of her own patterns that she makes. i am always teasing her that she doesn't share her skills with me and she did.

so i just wanted to give my two good friends a big hug and kiss. they cheered me up and made me happy with some of my favorite things in life!! i would never have gotten through so many tough times without the love and support of these two--and all my other friends, neighbors and sweet children.

love you all...L

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

see any similarities here???