Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i have lost track of time. no idea where i am, what i've been doing or anything else really. all i know is haley calls me "nudie pants" and then laughs hysterically! it's pretty funny. she watches spongebob whenever its on so maybe it came from there. she can quote the tivoed episodes! her and anna imitate patrick and sponge bob all the time. haley even tells me things about squidward and mr. crab--like they're our neighbors. and haley is definitely a one show kind of girl. she would only watch finding nemo when she was 2. she watched only that for one full year. i think i memorized every line. i'm so glad it was that and not little pony or sky dancers. lol

not much going on except i have another friend leaving me on thursday. to go live in kentucky. my 2nd friend in a year to move far, far away. oh the heartbreak. i'm going to miss you kerry. from the moment kerry and i met we bonded. we had lots in common. and we broke into the scrapbook convention. you're not really friends until you commit a crime together! LOL she taught me about ribbon and metal on layouts. and how many colors to use and pp. she was brilliant!!! somehow her love of chiffon never grew on me! ha ha (you gotta be a bazzill girl to get that one!) so i'm going to miss her. mwah! kaelene--that's a kiss! ha ha

i have been crafty a little. i made these cards for mother's day and never posted them. my SIL gave me these old vintage playing cards and i've used a few but decided i wanted to use them on cards. i need more now--i really like them. i have scrapped a few pages--will post those later. and hopefully i got some good pics from memorial day.

later gator...L

Sunday, May 18, 2008

well dave keeps asking me when i am going to put our other puppy's picture up. yep, you read that right. we have another puppy (rutger) for a grand total of 4 dogs and 1 woman shortly to go insane. i was on the phone long distance the other day and all four dogs were in the house and started barking and it was utter chaos. i'm sure the person on the other end of the phone thought i was in a kennel. geez.

other than that things are going fine. taylor is out of school on thursday and the rest of the girls have 2 more weeks. then taylor and carson head out to girls camp for a week. then i will spend the rest of the summer pulling my hair out trying to deal with four bored girls and four crazy dogs. it should be a good combo.

the thrill this weekend was getting pancakes in bed from anna. she mixed everything up herself and her daddy cooked them. she brought them to me and yeah, pancakes pretty much are some yummy goodness. i don't eat them much because i hear they contain calories. that's the word on the street.

another fun thing was that we took all the girls out for lunch at in-n-out burger on saturday and there was this cool monster school bus. so of course we had to ride in it. it was a blast. my girls thought it was the coolest thing. and it really was.

anna also got glasses last week. she looks so cute in them and i know they will help her out. these were the very first pair she went to. they suit her perfectly! i also took a picture of an outfit i sewed up for haley. i've been sewing lately and have made some clothes for anna, haley and carson. so fun.

i hope everyone has a great week...L

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

i interrupt the last blog post to bring you the only picture cuter than that puppy below. my beloved haley. that's right brianne. she doesn't even have to give me a grandchild...yet!

oh--and i have to run an apology. taylor was reading my blog and she was all like--i DID not sleep in the same clothes i wore to school and the dance. i slept in my clothes but changed them when i woke up. so i'm sorry for the confusion. taylor in no way wants to be thought of as completely without personal hygeine thankfully...L

Friday, May 02, 2008

say hello to my little friend...

this is oreo. he's a shih tzu. he's nine weeks old. he's the cutest puppy ever to have walked the earth. and he's carson's new dog. carson has wanted a shih tzu for a while now. i have always said no. a few weeks ago she begged me for a new puppy for her upcoming birthday and i told her no again. then sometime when i must have been chronic with the dutchie dave reminded me that i said "carson is such a good girl just go ahead and let her have the dog." i have no recollection of this spoken exchange taking place. as i said before--chronic dutchie syndrome. and look at him. who could be mad at that face?

so as i was thinking how cute he was i asked carson whom was going to take care of this ball of fluff while she was at school. say hello to mama. and he is my baby. dave and i take him every where. he is just so stinking cute. and cuddly. and lovable. did i say cute? and he's been so good. hardly any accidents and such a good disposition. friendly, playful, sweet. and cute. did i mention the cuteness factor? everyone loves him. all the girls and everyone he meets. did i mention we take him with us everywhere? yeah. jake and max and oreo are getting along quite well. although it is quite comical to see them interact. jake and max look like he's some new toy we brought them to toss around. and oreo now thinks jake and max aren't some biological experiment gone wrong. he's comes up to them wagging his tail and looking at them like "i want to play--just please don't eat me."

so that has been my week. well not all of it but that's another post. the good part of it is oreo. he's a little bit of sunshine around here and i just love him to pieces all ready. in fact dave asked me if i secretly hoped that carson gets tired of him so he can be mine. of course not...well, maybe a little...L