Friday, June 30, 2006

so this is my new hair cut. yes there was one that was closer up--two words--scary! so, the hair is still long and sort of brown with highlights.

and this is my backyard--currently up for sale. sort of sad about it. i mean, this was the first house that david and i owned and bought together. anna was born in this house. well, actually at a hospital, but you get the drift. brianne walked down the stairs in this house for prom. dallas ate his nacho's in the kitchen every night at midnight. we played in this house, laughed, cried, yelled, sang, danced, had parties, had a funeral, renovated, SCRAPPED, we even had a friend's daughter's reception in the back yard. it's a beautiful backyard. David did some good work here. now it goes to the highest bidder. but i still got the my heart and in my scrapbooks...L

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

so my good friend K-dog ripped this ad out from the doctor's office. then she told me about it, then i coerced her into making this a layout challenge. Anyone wanna play? I loved how mine turned out. the orange cardstock does go around the whole layout. my scanner likes to leave things out!

Major rain/hail here today. so nice. we desperately need it--so does Sedona with the fires that they have been having. It also dropped the temps down to 60. can i just say--windows are open, sweatshirt is on. another tidbit--last night David and I were up late--neither of us could fall asleep. we are talking, laughing etc. and out of the blue he tells me how much he loves my scrapbooking. that he was is proud of me and my pages and that he loves it. that was just so cool. you know i love this hobby, but sometimes you wonder if you are the only one who loves or appreciates it. good to know.

more good news forthcoming. David sold his house. So excited. It's been on the market for about 4 months so we are happy about that. Plus we are about to put our house in Mesa on the market. mixed feelings about that. We were down on Monday working on it and I ran over to see an old girlfriend and talked with her for about 30 minutes. i was sad when i left. i miss my friends. I really do. don't miss the heat or traffic though. so if you are my friend down in the valley--miss ya...L

Sunday, June 25, 2006

so this is what i worked on last night. i needed to do this for a challenge and the challenge included scrapping a goal and using stamps on your layout. i love stamps. not sure how to use them though. i guess i need to take a class (shhhh, don't tell my husband!) this happens to be one of the few pics that i actually like! Thanks to Dennis for snapping it and making me laugh. thanks to my hubby whom took me along on "his" trip to Cali. it was a lot of fun and a well-needed break. i am off to mesa today after church--a late father's day gathering with my dad and a haircut and cleaning a house to get it on the market awaits me...L

Saturday, June 24, 2006

YES! I won the raffle at my lss today and Heidi Swapp scrapped my pictures!! So fun. I never win anything so that was killer! I had actually won a smaller prize earlier and they had told everyone that you could only win once. If your name got called again you could trade your prize. Well they called the name of someone to get their pictures scrapped and she wasn't the next name they called was mine!! LUCKY! So she scrapped them right there in the store. and i got a pink album to put them in! I love these pics of Anna. I have done a few of these pics of Anna. the one on top is the one I did last night. Well, that was a lot of fun. Heidi told some stories of how she came up with some of her ideas for product and then demonstrated how to use a bunch of them. plus they gave away a ton of prizes!! But winning the pictures scrapped was the icing on the cake. that definitely took some of the edge off my PMS!!

on a side note--called Shanna to see how things were going with her Mississipi boy and also to tell her my pics were getting scrapped and she was on her way home from VEGAS! Hello??? I about had a heart attack. She did assure me that she wasn't married though!! Um, can you fall in love, meet that person and then tell your friend you are coming home from Vegas and not have said friend almost suffer a nervous breakdown? geez! Sounds like she is happy though. but you'll have to stalk her blog to get an update...L

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

well, I'm home. Good to be home but also sad to leave. We had a blast with Debbie and Dennis and I got some really good pictures to scrap. Ate a ton of yummy food too. I went and watered my plants tonight and was so happy. Some of them had been looking a little, well, dead. I asked our good neighbor Dan to water them while I was away and all of them look sooo much better. Have to find a way to keep Dan taking care of my plants! It's nice to have flowers during the summer here. in Mesa you could just forget anything flowering or growing practically except for some cactus. just too dang hot. but i planted some blackberry bushes here and have actually eaten a few berries off said plants. that was too cool. so i included some pics of my lovely berry bushes. Anna and Haley eat them with me but Haley refuses to call them anything but strawberries. if i correct her she tells me very forcibly that they are strawberries. well, back to normal life tomorrow. did i just say normal? you know what i mean...L

Saturday, June 17, 2006

just in case anyone was wondering--I'm in Cali having some fun! will post later when i am home.

having a great weekend...L

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

what a week. a horrific cold has come upon me in all it's loveliness (thanks beth--for the word lovely, not the cold!) been dragging my arse out of bed everyday at about 10 or so. and you know what that means. you wake up from what seems a drunken stupor, literally force yourself to walk upright and by the time your eyes get adjusted to the light this is what you see; the remains of your once clean home. 4 little girls ranging in ages from 11 to 3 have been left to fend for themselves for roughly 2-3 hours. not a pretty sight. but instead of throwing yourself back in bed again, you eventually start to put everything back into a state of normal. ugggg. sickness is a double whammy for a mom.

speaking of normal. carson gave me a quiz today to see if I was "normal". Um, i could have saved you 5 minutes. the answer was no. she didn't even give me a percentage of how "un" normal I was. just a quick little look with a roll of her eyes to inform me that i wasn't normal. c'est la vie.

even with a day of nothing seemingly good. i did have some things to be grateful for today. 1)Jack-in-the-box. Thank you for putting a fast food restaurant not far from where I live. 2) The eagle. it's about the only radio station that comes in half-way decent here. While driving they played "canary in a coal mine". Just one of my all time favorite Police songs. ever. 3) Barnes and Noble. took the girls there this afternoon and bought some cool magazines and my girls some books. love bookstores. 4) David--yesterday when I was in sick/kids are home from school mode he told me to leave--I did and went and got a manicure and pedicure. pure heaven. 5) my girls--even though they technically create a lot of work for me--they pretty much let me sleep in, give me head rubs and even cleaned the kitchen for me. 6) this layout I did last week of anna. still loving it. 7) Haagen Dazs Mayan chocolate--sheer heaven! 8) talked on the phone today with a few friends. nice. 9) got an email from my son--he has been transferred to Monza--looks like it's not too far from Milan. 10) great weather here--breezy, 80 degrees. perfect.

thats all for now. hoping this cold will go away shortly. later...L

Sunday, June 04, 2006

you know--my husband is a pretty sweet guy. not all of the time, but a lot of the time he is. sometimes I take it for granted. one thing he always does though is compliment me. ALL THE TIME. he always tells me I'm beautiful. he calls me his "trophy wife" even when i explain that a trophy wife should be 20 years old...not 43!! he makes me feel good about myself.

so today when i left for church he told me I looked like a guess model. and when i got home from church he told me he wanted to take a picture of me so he could have one. so i let him. now, I'm lookin' at the photo and i don't see a guess model in sight. i see all my flaws. i see a body that's given birth to a lot of children. wrinkles. laugh lines, you name it. but behind the camera there's a man who sees my beauty and who praises it and never lets a moment go by that he doesn't tell me how lucky he is. funny, i think i'm the lucky one...L