Thursday, March 29, 2007

this is for my daughter--who had an emotional filled day. just want her to know how much i love her and how wonderful she is and how proud i am of who and what she is. oh yeah--the layout is from shanna's
page kit. look up her site if you wanna get one!

also--those two in the picture above may or may not be getting married June 28th. that's the word on the street...L

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

more layouts...the first two are scraplifts from Keisha--a scrapbooker--love to look at her work! and i still have 2 more layouts to upload. stay tuned for more pages--later-L...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

layouts and projects and haircuts, oh my...L

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

spring break here--for another week. taylor is back in school but the rest of the girls have this week off. we went camping this last week and had a blast--as you can tell from the pictures. oh yeah--no pictures--cuz my camera got turned to the wrong settings and i wasn't aware. so sad. nothing came out. but believe you me--it was good times. my cousin and his family went with us and our kids had a blast.

now let me tell you why i love camping sooooo much. there are two big reasons. number one is that david does pretty much everything. he packs it, unpacks it, sets it all up, cooks, cleans, packs it all up again and unpacks it. i do help--but mainly he is a one man camping machine. it dawned on me that the reason i like to camp is because for a few days i get to be the husband--you know the one that kicks back and watches tv while the wife is slaving away--I LOVE IT!

reason number two--and really the best part about camping. peeing in the woods. nothing like it. i love it. how easy is that? need to pee? drop trou and pee away. no waiting in lines, getting stuck w/o t.p., no kids banging on the door or just coming in, no driving like a madwoman to get to a place to pee. nada. i need to go--i do. my favorite part. not so much my kids though. they don't enjoy it like me. except haley. she would just pull down her pants and go anywhere--didn't matter who was around either! in fact when we got home she told me she needed to go to the bathroom and when i went to take her inside she told me she wanted to go outside! ha she gets more and more like me everyday!

so some highlights from the camping trip--david got a dune buggy. the girls drove it around--taylor loves it. her and her cousin practically lived in it. the other fun thing we got was a rhino--david traded my motorcycle and another quad that never got used for it. that thing is pure unadulterated F-U-N. we had a blast! the best part is that it is street legal so i can drive it around town. and yes--wish i had pics--but they will come later. oh--and taylor and her cousin Brielle got stopped by a sheriff and he followed them back to our camp and my cousin got an earful of how he could have been ticketed and fined. a little excitiement. i think taylor and brielle were pretty shook up. of course that provided the rest of the jokes for the duration of camping. lots of dirt, a lack of sleep and s'mores=good times. and oh yeah--mexican food. there happened to be a little mexican place that we slipped away to for not one but two dinners. so cool not to have to cook at night and have some chips and salsa. and i am sure they haven't seen dirty campers before!

glad to be back home now and spend the rest of the week with the girls--haircuts tomorrow and hopefully pictures...L

Thursday, March 15, 2007

can't sleep .not fun. but while i was lying in bed trying my hardest to go to sleep i kept thinking of all the funny phrases that have been used in our family. sayings that just sort of became part of our daily lingo. so here they are in no particular order (cuz i know you're just dying to find out!)

1. show me the money
2. peace out
3. i' m gonna have to bust a cap in yo ass with my nine
4. gimme some knuckle
5. say hello to my little friend
6. no touchie
7. escoppy (escape)
8. go
9. bloody hell
10. shalom

now everyone go to sleep...L

Sunday, March 11, 2007

this was a layout i did for a challenge on beyond appearances. it took me a while to get all my stuff together to do this layout. the funny thing is that when i saw this challenge it really spoke to me and when i was in the car one day waiting to pick taylor up from school i thought of all the things that faith meant to me and wrote them down in my notebook. weeks later i finally had the picture that i wanted to use and the idea that i wanted this layout in all neutral tones. there were a lot of mistakes on this page--mistakes that i left and worked around. i was a little unsure if i liked it or not but when i showed it to david he said that it was one of my best works!! so that made me happy. so that is that. faith--it's what gets me through a lot of things--what makes me hang on through the rough times or accept things that i can't really understand with my feeble mortal mind.

happy sabbath...L

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

check it out. go commando


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

so--first off--to respond to my daughter's comment below--hello--you didn't tell me it was a SECRET and only 2 people read my blog besides you! ha ha

so i am happy to say that since yesterday i have been eating healthy, drinking lots of water and exercising! me and max have walked twice now and the pic above is him cooling off after our walk this morning. yeah--it's so hot here at 60 degrees!

carson took the pic of me and jake--she took some of max and i too but i had my camera on the wrong settings so they didn't turn out. isn't jake da bomb! i kid you not--he is one spoiled puppy!

so now the last pics--anna's drawings. the first one is of jake that she did at school. the last one is one she did at the restaurant the other night--i notice david snickering and then he asked anna to share her drawing--she holds it up and says--it's you mom. oh yeah--couldn't figure that one out--then of course they (my family) all laughed it up good. nothing like having a bunch of wise a$$es in the family.

oh--and kerry went to the scrapbook store the other day and DID NOT buy the new heidi swapp idea book. where's the heidi love k-dog? i had to guilt her into going back and getting it and buying one for me. i was like--k-dog--bust yo ass back to that store and get me that book--and go ahead and pick one up for yourself! ha--i'm just kidding kerry--you got me the book, right? love ya!

i also picked up some much needed pictures from costco and hopefully i will finish a layout tonight and start another.

oh--and in case you heard a "rumor" about my daughter getting married--keep it on the low down--down low--no doubt...L

Sunday, March 04, 2007

well--they are unofficially officially ENGAGED!!! There isn't a ring yet but they have set the date--AUGUST 14 in Salt Lake City!!! woo hoo! i am so excited!!! poor brianne--she called me yesterday to tell me and i was so sick--all i could say was yippee! When what i was really feeling inside was YIPPEE!!!! so happy for both of them. you know what that means to me--yep, grandchildren can not be far behind!! HA HA

in fact last night as i was lying in bed i could remember when brianne was little and running around and how dang cute she was as a little girl and how fun she was. how funny she was when she was about 4 and she knew what my christmas present was from les and she was dying to tell me but she wouldn't tell me but when i guessed it she gasped and covered her mouth and then made me swear i wouldn't tell les! so cute. then the time she got up on the roof and started throwing dishes off and i spanked her--although i have no recollection of this and i am sure that there is no way she could have gotten on the roof, let alone have a stack of dishes and i KNOW i would have never spanked her!! or the time she washed my DRY CLEAN only sofa slippers and they shrunk about 2 inches or the time she made pecan pie and thought corn syrup and corn oil were interchangeable!! ha ha

and now she is getting married. my little girl. and graduating from college in 2 months as well. i am so very proud of her and so happy for her. i love you

Thursday, March 01, 2007

i have 2 new babies! yeah--the first is an iMac! Yes! so cool, so techie looking, so clean. now to figure out how to use it. i had one eons ago and when david came into the picture so did his pc. then i had to learn to use that which i still have never figured out. yes, i am blaming my non-computer skills on the dell. so this is already easier and it has a lot of cool features. one being that it will store 250,000 photos! of course i haven't had much time to play with it because first, i was not feeling good the past couple of days and second...
JAKE! That is our brand new puppy as of today! is he not the cutest little thing? and i mean little--david said if he lies down in the grass he might be mistaken for one of max'es doo--doos! he is about half the size that max was when we got him. he is 5 weeks old and man he is just too lovable. we picked him up in glendale this afternoon and took him to pick the girls up from school. yeah--they weren't excited much. this is how the decision process to get a new puppy went: we talked about getting a puppy about a week ago. i come home this morning from taking the girls to school. david says we should look in the paper for lab puppies. we called a number that had chocolate labs for sale that looked like it might be close to us, called, took a shower and jumped in the truck to go pick him up. yeah--the ubnoske's are just a tad side on the impulsive. :) so please remind me of how cute he is in a few weeks when i am pulling my hair out wondering what possessed me to get a new dog!
peace and dog biscuits...L
oh yeah--happy march 1.