Monday, February 27, 2006

just a few more...L

more pics from Utah...L

I’m back from Utah. I can’t even begin to describe what a fun time I had. I had a great flight and Brianne picked me up from the airport and we then went directly to eat, of course! Then we went shopping at the new (to me) Gateway mall. We had a great time shopping at Anthropologie. Loved that store! Then we went to a wonderful scrap store, Paper Creations. After that Brianne surprised me with tickets to the new Joseph Smith movie. That was the most wonderful, beautifully made movie. Incredible acting, beautiful cinematography and just a lovely movie. Made me appreciate our prophet in a whole new way. Then after that we went to dinner at the Melting Pot (David calls it the fondue pit!) and had a wonderful dinner—our waiter looked like a younger, cuter version of Donny Osmond.

The next day we went and hiked Sundance. We were going to go all the way to Stewart Falls but found out it was closed. We still enjoyed our hike and found a nice slope to slide down on our aspens! LOL Later we had dinner at the Bombay House and then went to the mall and had massages at the Aveda store went to cold stone creamery and then went home and promptly fell asleep!

Day 3 of our adventure found us in Park City. Beautiful area of Utah, where the ’02 Olympics were held. Lots of shopping, more eating, getting lost a few times and then heading back to where we enjoyed a sub sandwich (yummy!) and then went back to Brianne’s apartment where a few of her guy friends showed up and we talked about music and I gave them a lecture about how they needed to settle down! HA HA they were very nice and hopefully one of them will wake up and smell the coffee and start dating my beautiful, talented daughter!!! J

The next day I went home. Over too soon but glad to be home and see my other honeys! A big shout out to my dear husband whom took care of everything in my absence and had everything in order at home. He did try to tell me he had potty trained Haley, but all the girls promptly shot down that story!! Brianne—love you, miss you and so very proud of what a wonderful woman you are!! Love ya...L

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Well tomorrow is the big day--UTAH here I come! It is supposed to be cold my daughter says...I can hardly wait. I'm packed, I picked up the dry cleaning, wrote down a schedule for David (of which I'm sure he will not even glance at!), cleaned the house--oh, who am I kidding about that one--I never clean--it just sounded good! :) and finished the laundry--of course in this house laundry is never, ever finished--it just takes a breather for a nano second before doubling in size. I had to include this pic that Carson took of me at the lake this weekend--she did a good job and I'm putting it in my next layout--that unfortunately has to wait because the printer uncontrollaby and unexplainably told me to take a hike. Guess I'm not the techno geek I thought I was going to be...L

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Here is my day: Wake up at 7:47 a.m. Realize that Anna must catch the bus at 7:55 a.m. Bloody hell! Jump up, wake up Anna, rush to get dressed, make her lunch and out the door to be greeted right by the bus as the bus driver kindly stops while he sees Anna and myself scurrying out the front driveway. Just as I am putting Anna on the bus I see she has no coat--I calmly tell her that I will bring her coat to her. I run in the house, grab coat, rush to the truck and drive like mad (I mean very cautiously and slowly) to get to the bus and follow it until the next stop where I can give Anna her coat. I miss the bus stop and I'm praying that there will be another stop before the bus leaves our neighborhood. The bus driver surely recognizes my truck and pulls over and stops--not at a normal stop but one where everyone knows some lame mother is trying to get something to a child so she will not have to drive a half hour out of her way to go to the school and drop said item off. So there is the bus stopped and me in my jammies making my way very publicly with coat in hand to my sweet Anna who would surely freeze to death shortly if not properly dressed. Of course my Anna could not have sat at the front of the bus--nooooo, she has to be at the very back! After getting her coat to her and mumbling thanks and offering up my first born child at the bus driver's graciousness I haul my butt back to my truck to go home. Not until this very moment did I realize that I was rewarded tremendously by not having Carson and Taylor on the bus--oh the humiliation they avoided today!

Speaking of my little Anna--tonight she asked me if Natalie was "norman". I was almost afraid to try to decipher this one but finally figured out she meant "mormon". I told her that Natalie was not "mormon" (we've had this discussion before--along with the "turtleteck" discussion). Anyhoo, Anna then asked me if "norman's" watched R movies. I replied that R movies weren't really good for anyone, being the good parent that I am--ha ha. She then told me that R movies just weren't for "norman's". Ok then--that is where we will leave it.

Took Max to the vet today to get neutered. Happy to say that everything went well and he now has a chip implanted in him as well in case anything should ever happen to him. I will sleep much better tonight knowing that my puppy can never really get lost and/or if he should, that heaven forbid, he couldn't impregnate every female dog along the way.

Best part--my house is clean, quiet (except for the new Live cd I bought today) and I actually burned a cd with my digital pictures on it all by myself! Look out world, I'm a gonna turn into a techno geek...L

Monday, February 20, 2006

So I just had the best weekend ever! Seriously--too fun! Dennis came down and we had such a good time. We went to the lake, rode quads, ate, ate some more, watched the olympics, looked at toy haulers and trailers, bought a trailer, had a picnic, relaxed, enjoyed marvelous cool weather, got deserted with two small children while others went and took a leisurely hike, looked at the stars and found Uranus, got Max a dog trainer, heard the name Lindsay Jacobellis a gazillion times and I think that might be it! All in one very long and exciting weekend. In fact, it was so fun that David, Taylor and Carson had to keep the party going by traveling back to CA with Dennis. Have fun with them Deb!!!! Debbie and Dennis are supposed to be moving here sooner than later I hope--can't wait for that to happen! That will be positively a joyous and long awaited event! Keeping the home flames burning and anxiously awaiting my trip to Utah...L

Thursday, February 16, 2006

So I got this sweet present in the mail from my good friend Kerry. Thanks Kerry!! Love it!! She is one talented scrapper that woman! If I had half of her talent!!! Anyway I adore it and found a great place for it on one of my shelves. This scan might not do it justice but it will do for now. Nothing beats having great friends in life--truly it is a treasure...L

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Well, I did it--I actually scrapped a page--about me!! I took an online class last month and I'm finally getting around to making the page. The picture was one my sister took of me on our Alaskan cruise--she sent it to me last month and I had to use it somewhere. Funny thing is I don't even remember her taking it!! Oh well...L

Saturday, February 11, 2006

David left this morning at 5 am to go to the cannery and then off to Glamis--poor thing! A three day weekend with the boys and their toys. I'm a little jealous--I would love to be riding my bike this weekend but I'm glad David has a hobby and friends to go and relax with for a little while.

Me and the girls went shopping at the new Joann's superstore here in town--yawn!! Not a big deal, but it did have a few things. Then off to McDonald's for a fun lunch that ended in spilled soda, fry's and not much eaten--but the very cute "purple dew" doll was enjoyed thoroughly!! Then off to see the new Curious George movie which was awesome!! We all loved it and went directly to Target and bought the lovely soundtrack which is sung by Jack Johnson!

Now I am worn out and tired like I have been all week--think I'll go to bed and hopefully scrap some tomorrow...L

Monday, February 06, 2006

So we had a superbowl party yesterday--mostly friends and family--and lots of food. I spent all day in the kitchen cooking. I did take an hour out of my day for a short nap which was heaven! The day before my parents came up unexpectedly and I spent the afternoon with them. We went to lunch and then I took them to see Joe's house ( the one that David built for his father). We stayed and visited with him for a while and then my parents left and went home. Short but nice visit. David however missed them as he was at the boat show in Phoenix with Dan!! He did not come home with a boat as that very morning he had his Raptor quad delivered--he went down Friday to get a new jet for my bike and called me three hours later and started stammering out some nonsense at which point I asked--Did you just buy a quad? Hmmm, two in fact--one for him and another one for the girls. So in the next two weekends we will be going riding with my cousin Todd and his family--good times!!

So while I am in random mode I finally looked up where my son was in Italy going off a tip from Dennis whom told me to mapquest it (DUH!) Anyway it looks like it is only 20-30 miles from Turin--where the Olympics are being held!! Very cool. Hopefully you will be able to see it in the corner. I'm also heading to Provo in a few weeks to spend some time alone with Brianne!!! I can hardly wait. She has already planned a day of shopping and eating in Salt Lake and then we are going to hike Sundance and we're getting massages!! WOO HOO!! I am excited! This is the first time I have gone up and visited her. All because my hubby told me to plan a date and go--thanks, hon...L

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So this was my birthday present from my husband--pretty sweet! Don't know which is worse--the 43 year old woman that wants a dirt bike or the man that buys it for her! Either way it's insanity! I just got my helmet, boots, knee pads and gloves--the pants and jersey are being shipped--yeah--it's pink!!! HA HA Have only ridden it in the back yard as we have to take it to be re-jetted--won't start up here in the high altitude! Watch out when I get mobile on it though...L