Tuesday, May 30, 2006

if at first you don't succeed...It dawned on me the other day that here i am in beautiful weather with beautiful girls and not taking near enough pictures. so on sunday I got haley and went out and took around 60 pictures. didn't realize until after i downloaded them that i had my camera set on the wrong setting. not one picture turned out. so the next day haley and i went back outside and this time took about 80 pictures. I think there were some good ones, but none that stood out and i was wowed over. today--we head out again. this time i put my 85mm lens on. I took over 100 pictures. i got some WOW ones. that is one beautiful child if i do say so myself...L


Kerry said...


That is one awesome photo Lisa! I can't believe that is little Haley! She is sooooo pretty!! And so grown up looking!

That shot alone is worth all of the trouble that you went through.

Beautiful! I can't wait to see what you do when you scrap it!

laura said...

she is absolutely beautiful!

don't you hate it when you set your camera wrong? you can see how great the pics would have been if you hadn't messed up! ;)

i'm glad you were able to re-do! i can't wait to see the upcoming layouts! :D

Michelle said...

Yummy!!!!!!! I could just eat that little cutie pie up! Man I love her!

Great job!!!

Beth said...

You sure you have six kids? Cause all I ever see is this little cutey... ;)

Beautiful photo, Lisa!

Lisa said...

yeah--kerry was telling me she tried to keep the scrap pages even amongst the kids--um, not me!!! HA HA