Saturday, August 01, 2009

i can't believe it's been a month since i blogged! well, not much to say or do anyway. life has been pretty busy here. i found a house down in the valley. we are packing up and getting ready to move before school starts. i am enrolled in ASU and the girls are enrolled in their schools as well. everyone is pretty excited about the move and we picked out paint colors for the new house. taylor has a sky blue, anna and haley have a pretty periwinkle blue and carson's room is going to be hot pink, black and white. i can't wait to get settled.

this packing thing is wearing thin! i don't feel that well today and i have an entire house to finish packing. the girls are helping me and i had a friend from work come and help last week which was so nice. in other news brianne and jeff got to hear MY GRANDBABIES heart beat! dallas went out on a second date and the girls had a great time with their aunt debbie and uncle dennis in california. carson is officially 13! by my next blog i will probaby be in my house...L