Sunday, January 29, 2006

Yesterday I went to the temple to see my uncle and aunt sealed together. It was the cutest thing--they are both in their late 70's and have been married for around 60 years. I know my aunt and her daughter have wanted this for a long time. Dick and Noreen are sweet and I was so happy for them and their children, Cris and Darlyne. It was a very touching and tender ceremony and my parents were there as well. My father hasn't been to the temple in probably 30 years--what a wonderful thing for him! It made me remember when David and I got sealed to each other and then Taylor and Carson--that was a wonderful moment in my life.

It made me realize one of the things I love most about the gospel. It's never too late--to change, to turn your life around, to be better and live better. The gospel is about faith, hope and trying your best. So here's to Dick and Noreen--forever...L

Thursday, January 26, 2006

This is my sweet baby, Haley Rose. Never a sweeter child has been born than this one right here--and I've had some pretty sweet babies. I don't know what I like most--one thing for sure that I love is that she is the cuddliest child on earth! She literally has to hold you into her to go to sleep, both arms planted around your neck and burrowed in like a baby kangaroo in her momma's pouch. She loves pink, ballerina's and anything that remotely resembles a princess. If it's a pink ballerina princess she's in heaven! Today as we drove home from some errands I asked her what she would like for lunch--she said "soupie" (she loves her some soup!) Then I told her would she like me to make her soup when she got home--she said (and I quote!) That would be perfect!! Seriously!! Where in the world did she pick that up from? Love that baby--even if she recently turned three she'll always be my baby...L

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

So, I have been having one of those frazzled weeks--sick kids, PMS, insomnia, etc.--My dear husband wakes me up this morning and tells me he read my blog and how much he loved it and how sweet and cute it was...that SO made my day. He even commented on a post! Too much! Then he took me to breakfast then to Dillards where he bought me a beautiful sweater, skirt and top. Later that evening he made me a hot bath and got 3 of the girls to bed. He told me he was going to start taking better care of me--what more could a girl want? Thanks hon...L

Saturday, January 21, 2006

If there is one overwhelming trait that I have tried to teach/pass on to my children it is one of tolerance, love and kindness. I would rather have a child who robs a bank than one who intentionally is cruel or mean or abusive to another individual. (Note to any of my children whom might be reading this--no robbing banks please, this is just an analogy!)

That said--I met a woman in my church whom has an 11 year old daughter in a wheel chair, she told me she is homeschooling her this year because she was victimized at school last year. She also told me that she is lonely from not being around kids and didn't have many play dates. I told her that I was sure my girls would love to play with her. I asked my girls after they got home from school that day and they were really excited about going over to Abby's home to play. I took them over yesterday and had to pick up Taylor early to get her to a birthday party. I left Carson to play some more.

Taylor said she really enjoyed herself and I asked her is she would like to play with her every week. She said she would love to. When I picked up Carson a few hours later the caretaker was there and told me I had the most well-mannered, wonderful daughter. I asked Carson the same thing as Taylor--would she like to go and play once a week with Abby. She said she would love to. I was just beaming as only a mother can do whom is so pleased with the kindness and love and good manners my daughters have developed. It truly warmed my heart to see them reach out to someone whom is having a difficult time and to look beyond the physical ailments and see the person and what they have to offer. Now if I can just get them to clean their room...L

Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's your birthday, uh-uh. 43 years old today. The best part--it's snowing! Love it. The other fun thing--all my scrapping buddies started emailing me the 43 reasons they love me--too funny--they are the best!

#1: Who couldn't love a 43 year old mother of 6 who looks so dang sexy!!!!!!!! You're our idol!
#2: Who doesn't love their crack dealer?
#3: She's an amazing cook...correction CHEF!! (we'll just move this up to 3 since we had two 16s)
#4 Lisa is the best home decorater that I know! Awesome taste!
#5 She is a great scrapper!!! And she loves her some Basic Grey! :)
6. She's WICKED funny!!!
#7 Lisa has the most well-behaved kids at an all-day crop!! A sure signof awesome parenting...
#8 She is a dirty white girl. ;)
#9. Who doesn't love an Excursion driving Hippie???
#10 And who doesn't love an Excursion driving hippie that loves us enough to turn off her engine to order us food!?
#11 She has great taste in music, even though she doesn't like the BNL!
#12 She likes U2. Isn't that reason enough?
#13 She has the funniest vibrator stories EVER! Hahaha!
#14 She creates gorgeous offspring (specifically the male)
#15 She's smart enough to figure out - by #10 - to reply all to each one so our email of flooded too :)))
#16 She plays well with others. :)
# 17 She is an amazing wealth of life experience and wisdom.
#18 She makes the gooeyest, yummiest, chocolate brownie cake ever!!!!
#19 1/2 since I can't count.
She makes a mean meatball. Yummy. Plus she is just an all around good cook. I want to be Lisa someday.
#20 GREAT person to talk to -- easy going, wonderful listener. . . and soooooo much experience to draw from. . .what else do expect when you're FOURTY THREE!
#21She would never make fun of a friend who realized that she spelled FORTY wrong in her last e-mail. . .she understands momma brain
#22 Since she OBVIOUSLY loves me the best, she must be loved in return!
#23 She has the same sick, twisted sense of humor I do………I think she’s one of my Dad’s lost love children. J
#24 She doesn't put up with crap!
#25 She can count. . .unlike sooooooooooome people!
#26 Because she's not afraid to hang out with a heathen Episcopalian! ;)
#27 Lisa is so sweet, she doesn't make fun of her friends. :p
#28 She loves Target as much as I do!!! That is a good thing.
#29 She gives me hope that I will still want sex at 43 years old. J J J
#30 She loves her family!!!!!!! It's so obvious by the way she talks about them, treats them and gets treated in return! I want Ellie to grow up to be like Brianna!
#29 She has wacky parents just like I do, so she is a great listener when you need to vent about therapy, prozac, effexor, and the dangers of mixing pain medication with antidepressants. <---- dejavu! Cha cha cha!
#31 We both *Heart* Rob Thomas. YUM!
#31 Lisa can out-dress----out-style any 23 year old!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it sista!!!! J
#31 She NEVER EVER EVER mocks her friends. NEEEEEEEEEEEEVER!
I loooooooove Lisa's sense of humor! Especially when she is making fun of us! That girl can make me bust a gut!
DO'H!!! I was just going to say what Shanna did!!
#31 1/2 She has awesome clothing style! I want to go shopping with her sometime! (After a tummy tuck.) :p
#32 I can call her at anytime of the day or night to cry about my psycho exes or lack of sex. J
#32 She never learned to reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddd!
OK, she did AND she has to rub it in our faces. But still, she's so darn cute, it makes it all OK!
#33 I love Lisa because she is the hippest chick in Prescott. Even if she doesn't shoot guns. ;)
#34 I love Lisa because she is a rare mormon liberal, and for some reason that makes me giggle. #35 She is SUPERMOM !
#36 She is SUPERFRIEND!!!
#37 Becuase she makes ALL of us feel like we are her favorite...eventhough I REALLY AM!!
#38 All I can say is -- have you checked out her ASS??????? Buns of stell my friends, buns of steel!
But seriously here, Lisa always looks FANTASTIC! She is so put together, right down to the purse!
#40. well I wasn't going to go here but since Maddy did the ass thing I will.
HER RACK! This girl is stacked!!
FOR THE RECORD, that not a reason that *I* love her, but this is FO SHO a positive attribute ;)
#41 Just because that last one bears awesome rack and ass!!! ;) *Not that I have looked or anything.
#41 3/4 Because I'm not going to be last and I don't want this to end either!
#42 Lisa has a great outlook on life. I know she's had her rough times, but she is always quick to see the good and laugh about it afterwards. She makes forty look fabulous!!!! I think if you read all of our e-mails, you'll all be as jealous of her as I am. She's got so many amazing accomplishments and I think we can all agree that the best years are still ahead.
#43 (a) Because what's not to love!!(I figured it would be okay to be #42 because I am your favorite!!,but marked it a incase someone else wanted to add their own 43!!)

Okay………since ya’ll are being shy about #43……I will be the LOUD MOUTH!!! There are so many more things we could say about Lisa that are great!!!!! I think she’s got the idea that we really do love and respect her!!! Even though she’s not physically with us every month for our MAS Scrap-nights…she is certainly here in spirit!!! You know we love ya girl and hope you have many more Happy Birthdays!!! And in your own words…….”THERE YOU GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ~Shanna

Those are my crazy, scrapbooking friends and I love them!!! Thanks guys--can't wait 'til my 80th birthday...L

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

This is the email I recieved from my son Dallas today whom is in Asti, Italy serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints:

Well its great to hear you guys are doing good. Well the baptism for the next weekend will be moved another week but it will happen still the same. Joy is just awesome she really wants to change her life and she accepts all the things we teach and she asks questions when she doesnt understand which is just cool. Well we dont know anybody named fabio but we are teaching someone named fabrizio. Is that who you are talking about? well I loved the scrapbook page. Dad no matter how far you move mom will find a scrapbook store. Hahaha Iam sorry. Well mom or dad the talk that Jeffrey R. Holland gave at conference might be good for Carson. J/k Well its good that everyone is doing fine. O are you guys still reading the book of mormon everynight? Well love you guys so much and pray that you are doing fine. well ciao.
tuo figlio

I can't tell you how I live for his emails!!! They are the highlight of my week and always make me happy!!! There's nothing better in this world to have great kids--and I have six of them--lucky me...L

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Just trying this out to see if I can post a layout. I did this one of Taylor and Carson on our Saturday picnic a few months ago...L

A big thanks to Shanna and Kerry for the pp and tag!!! Love it!
Well, I seriously have to blame someone for me having a blog and I guess it's gotta be Kerry! Damn you !!! If I hadn't had to sign up to leave a comment on YOUR blog this never would have happened. Instead now I have a real blog instead of one just roaming around as a funny idea. Shanna can have some blame too as she has been hounding me to get a blog as well. Of course mine is nowhere near as beautiful as hers but we all can't have techo-computer brothers!!!!

I did learn something though in the wee hours of the morning, not sleeping as usual. I have had insomnia as long as I can remember--just something I deal with. I was laying on the couch last night thinking about my insomnia and just wondering what was the deal with it--is it really that hard to fall asleep? or stay asleep? I mean it really is just a cycle--you wake up, cook, clean, deal with life, clean up again, chase kids, do chores, run errands...then go to sleep, wake up and it happens all over again. It's cyclical. Then it hit me--it's a ROUTINE!!! I hate ROUTINE!! Routine drives me crazy--if I were a super hero crime fighter I would be Helter Skelter Girl (plus I would have one awesome outfit I can tell you!) So that's it--my insomnia in a nutshell is me fighting routine in any form!!! Crazy, but true--a huge ephiphany in my life--now if I could just figure out what to do with it...L

I guess I've started a blog...and least I think I have. What happens now is anyone's guess. I probably will just post random thoughts and if you know me--I'm pretty random. I will try and post layouts, pictures, family stuff and the outrageous things my kids say and do. For now I'll just let you know that it has snowed here--as of last night--my girls were so excited, I guess I was too. It looked like something out of a movie...magical and beautiful. So pretty and soft and very white. The ground was absolutely white within minutes. Until next time...L