Saturday, May 13, 2006

motherhood. this is what it's all about. those six people up above. the reason for my life, heart, insanity, goodness, frustration, happiness. a mother--it's the only thing I wanted to be in life. so far I have been pretty darn lucky cuz i ended up with great kids. Kids that choose the right and help others and keep me just on the edge of insanity but never push me off!

Brianne surprised me with coming home today!! WOW! Was not expecting to see her and that was a huge treat. I get her for 5 days. Dallas is supposed to call tomorrow and I cannot wait. Literally will have all my kids here with me for mother's day--I count Dallas because he will be on the phone. Not expecting that too many more years. Will enjoy it tomorrow.

So happy mother's day to all my women friends out there. rest, relax, do something fun with your children. enjoy it. I plan on taking it easy. I told Carson today--you know what I have planned for tomorrow? absolutely nothing...L


Beth said...

Oh- how wonderful for you! What a neat surprise from Brianne. Enjoy your phone call and Happy Mother's Day!

Dust and Maddy said...

I hope you had a great call from Dallas and how cool that Brianne flew down!

Hope you are enjoying your time together!

Anonymous said...


Shanna said...

Wow Look at you! I love this! I am so jealous of your Photoshopping skillz! And I hope I am half the mom you are someday!