Thursday, May 04, 2006

hump day--at least for my missionary it is!! Dallas has been gone one year. Hard to believe--I've been an emotional wreck all day. I don't know why it has made me so weepy. Maybe because he's been gone a whole year already and I still have another year. Maybe because it is just a reminder of how much I miss him. Maybe because PMS rears its ugly head on days when I need a little peace. Anyway--I miss him, I'm proud of him, I love him and can't wait for another year to go by--I've heard it goes fast now--I can only hope! we are eating italian tonight! Here is his email from yesterday:

Man, time does flys by pretty fast. I feel great. Ive learned more in the mission then ive learned in about all my life, but I feel like Iam finally getting a hang of this thing and its almost over. Ha. Well im so grateful for your example and love for me even though I was a little difficult at times but I know you guys are seeing the blessings of your hard work(a two year vacation away from me).ahhaha. I thank you for your prayers. I know that they have helped me soo much and I know that Heavenly Father listens to all of us and he will always anwser us if we ask with faith. Well Dad I love you and I pray for you every day(b/c i know it must be torture with all those women).

Anziano Gilbert

love that boy! ciao...L


Kerry said...

I know you miss him so much, but it has to feel so good reading those letters from him. He sounds like he is doing great! Plus think of how many other mothers wait YEARS to hear their child say "Thank you" for all that you have done. He is going to come home an awesome man!

Now...also think of it this way - another year away means another year from Shanna getting her paws on him! ;)

Beth said...

Awww- he sounds like a good guy. You did good, Mom! I'm sorry you're missing him, but it really has gone by fast, hasn't it? Geez- a whole year already!

Kerry cracks me up...;)

SHanna said...

You've done so good with that boy. Can't wait til he gets home! Wink!