Thursday, November 22, 2007

on this thanksgiving day i just wanted to name a few things i'm thankful for. (a shout out to carson for taking the picture of me!)

the moon
my children
cool nights
good hair days
good food
the color green
sense of touch
my husband
creme brulee
inside jokes
fresh bread

i hope everyone has a great thanksgiving...L

Monday, November 19, 2007

that's my baby--you know, some people take halloween a little too far. that picture cracks me up. so here's the story. brianne got sick, she threw up, she threw up so hard that she burst the blood vessels in her eyes. right before halloween. end of story. i used to joke about her having the evil eye!!

so brianne called me tonight and we had a good talk--it cheered me up since i haven't been in the best of moods or health. anyway she told me about how the bishopric (male leaders in the church) came to visit her. they asked brianne about her job (in real estate) and asked if she had a license. brianne then unleashed her loathing of real estate agents, their hours and pay, and yada, yada, yada. then the men started chuckling. brianne asked what was funny. turns out her bishop is a broker and the counselors are real estate agents. that girl is a chip off the old block. just like something i would do.

if you want to see some funny things take a look at their blog:

make sure to start thawing those turkeys. it's not much longer...L

Friday, November 16, 2007

since i can't upload all my layouts at once i have to do them in batches...L
a layout that i scraplifted from cari...

a few layouts...L

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

david took the girls to cali for the weekend. they all returned this afternoon. i took the opportunity to get a lot of things done that are difficult to do with everyone around. the first thing that got tackled was my girl's dresser drawers. if anything would make me stop and think about having any more children (i'm not) it would be the fact that those cute, sweet babies grow up and turn their rooms into a landfill. the trash and items under the bed would make a grown man cry. whenever my girls go missing things the first place i tell them to look is under the bed. of course that is the last place they look because even they can't stomach it.

and their dresser drawers. as much as a mess or worse. i mean, i could understand if they had no dressers or even if they had only one drawer. but there are at least 4 drawers. and this is how they should roll--underwear and socks in one drawer, pajamas in another, shirts in yet another drawer and pants in the last one. my girl's drawers looked like the apocalypse had taken place in them. coats with hangers and sweaters and tops all crammed into one tiny area. pants and dresses living together in sin. dresses go in a closet on a hanger--am i wrong?

so i cleaned it all up and i have a bet with myself--i give it one week before it is all helter skelter again. although i would be happily surprised if it remained in any semblance of order for longer than that. and kerry challenged me to scrap this and put it up on my blog by friday. so i will take her up on her challenge and challenge any of you that read this to scrap their kid's mess. peace...L

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

what a week. and it's barely wednesday! oy. i took haley to get her haircut today and she wanted it cut like dora's. so that's what she got. a lot of hair got chopped off. she looks pretty dang cute.

my kids have been cracking me up with their funny stuff they have been telling me. haley went over to play at a friends house the other morning and told me to come and pick her up at "9 1/2 o'clock--thats a really long time mom." got it. then the other day carson wants to know if i like the "foo foo fighters" hello--only one foo please. then she wants to know if i like the band "inks" um yeah--that is INXS!

anna started brownies on monday and loves it. i am so happy. they have a lot of fun things planned. a trip to out of africa and an overnighter at some cabins in prescott with sugar cookies and hot chocolate--no kidding--that is the description in the brochure. i think i want to go to that one. and anna also is running around telling me every other hour that she has a brain freeze and that some one gave it to her. tonight she told me that haley had given her a brain freeze and therefore she could not sleep with her. i told her that you get a brain freeze by eating something cold--she then informed me that she had eaten something cold earlier in the evening. ahhh, that explains it.

taylor is hooked on the stephanie myers books--the vampire ones. i gave her the first two books on saturday and she is already ready for the 3rd book. i want to read them now. speaking of books--everytime i call dallas he is in the library studying. (at least that is his story! ha) so today i called him and at the end of speaking i said i love you--then he said i love you too. then i told him that after he got off the phone he should say loudly "that was my mom--i'm still availabe!" LOL
and brianne just got a promotion at work. she is now in charge of marketing and advertising. i think that's awesome!

tell me how you would feel if you came home to this...

the other day i was just plain worn out. and i came home to folded laundry and this note on my bed (which she had also made) from carson. i love that girl.

now i am off to bed. i have a busy week still left ahead of me and i need sleep...L

Thursday, November 01, 2007

halloween. it's over. well, it was a good one. i tried to get more photos up but it wasn't happening. i will try to put more up later. and that was my costume. nasty curves. it has a story--it wouldn't be halloween if i didn't have a story to go with my costume.

first of all, i had a costume--dorothy. but the dorothy costume was meant to fit toto so the night before halloween i left in a panic for the spirit store to find a costume. i grabbed about 4 costumes and was waiting in line when i see a sales person folding a baseball looking costume. i asked what it was and they told me it was a referee costume. i asked what size it was and asked to try it on. it didn't have a package they told me and came with a baseball cap. i glanced at it thinking it was a cubs shirt.

so i finally get in to the dressing room and they only let you take 2 costumes at a time in to try on. ok. changing my clothes and putting on costumes and i try on a fairy costume and know that i need to take my "underwear" off to try it on. no problem, just put all my clothes in a pile on top of my shirt. after trying on costumes i throw my pants and shirt on so i can hand out the 2 costumes i tried on and get another 2 to try on. so i gather up all the stuff and hand it out and get the other costumes to try on. a minute of me starting to try on a costume i see my underwear bottoms being thrown under the dressing curtain--INSIDE OUT! oh yeah--i just said that. now any normal person with a shred of dignity would have bolted right then and there. not me--i need a costume!!

so yeah--i have to give the girls credit--i didn't hear them giggle once. and i even came out with my ref costume on to ask if they liked it. so after coming home with my costume dave asks me to try it on. i come out with it on and he says "nasty curves" and i'm like what? and he says--nasty curves--on your shirt. WHAT? oh yeah--not a cubs shirt like i thought. so that's the halloween costume story for this year. stay tuned for next year and some more pics.

but enough about costumes. let's talk halloween. so my girls had cute costumes. taylor was a harajuku girl, carson--some sort of twisted fairy w/o the $30 wings i bought special for her, anna was a pirate and haley was tinkerbell. usually we have a lot of costume switching goin' on but this year was good. then we had our 2nd annual halloween party. this year it was soup and bread. yummy. we had lots of friends show up and hot dogs for the kids who played outside. then people left to go trick or treating and we let taylor and carson go with their friends around the neighborhood. we left with another family and our little ones to take them around. we went to two neighborhoods before i remembered a cool historic district downtown that i had heard was really cool at halloween time.

so we drove over and it was not disappointing. cool decorations and everyone dressed up and a gazillion kids everywhere. one house had 20 buckets of candy and every kid got one candy from each bucket. after that we came home and took all the kids in the hot tub. i'm telling you it was good times here. i think taylor and carson's loot weighs about 5 lbs. each. so that's it for this halloween. go find some good sales...L