Monday, December 31, 2007

i hope everyone had a very merry christmas. mine was fantastic. all my kids here for the first time together in a long time. needless to say we had a blast. anna got baptized by dallas, we ate good food, played games, saw christmas lights, drank eggnog, played wii, opened gifts, took a hike, dallas pooped a D. yes, my 22 year old son came running in one day asking where my camera was. later when i asked what he needed it for he told me he had pooped his initial D. lovely. i won't post a pic. other than that it was probably the best christmas i ever remember. i will post some highight pics later.

saturday i took carson down to the valley to stay with her good friend McKenzie. shanna's husband and kids are gone so i spent the rest of the day with her. we had a good time. we went to lunch at the cheesecake factory. i talked shanna out of a pink cotton candy looking maternity shirt. we drove to apache junction to pick up her pictures. wait--i think it was PAST AJ! lol then we stopped off at scrapbooks, etc. then headed home to scrap. which we did. the picture above is one of the four that i did. the rest need journaling. later we headed out to the scrapbook barn and ate dinner at serranos. scrapped some more then i headed home. a fun day for sure. and one that won't be happening after shanna moves. sniff, sniff.

i hope everyone has a great new year!!!!! smooch...L

Saturday, December 15, 2007

this has been one crazy, busy week. haley turned 5. five years old. my baby. unbelievable. dallas will be coming home tomorrow. can't wait. i watched my friend's 7 month old baby today while she went to work. all my girls love him and couldn't get enough of him when they got home from school. taylor told me that she wants a puppy or a baby for christmas. well that would be nice but that's crazy--AND WE'RE ALL FULL UP HERE!

some really funny things happened here as well. not to me. that's what makes them funny. first of all dave met me for lunch the other day. and i picked the place. one i have talked about going to for like, 6 months, and one that dave never wanted to try. so we go into this place and you order at the counter. and the menu is really small and dave can't read it so he asks me to order for him. so i see a sausage sandwich and order that. and i order a muffaletto sandwich and some bruchetta. which come to around $30. for lunch. so when we get the bruchetta dave remarks that it tastes like a tostino's pizza roll. but hey, he says, those are good. uh-huh. then we get our sandwiches. mine is a ginormous italian sandwich. i look at dave's plate and there is the tiniest sausage sandwich i have ever seen. it looked like a beanie weenie in a biscuit with some red sauce on top. i look at dave's face and the sandwich and i just start laughing. i mean i can't stop laughing. when i do stop to eat a bite i start to look at his plate and get the giggles all over again. i eventually snorted sandwich down my windpipe i was laughing so hard. for the rest of the day i would just uncontrollaby start laughing when i saw him. needless to say i won't get him back there for sure.

while we are laughing at other's misfortunes, i must say that brianne called me today. she went to the jewelry store so they could fix a diamond on her ring. she went during her lunch break at work. so she knows some people that work in there and while she is talking to a woman about getting her ring fixed she notices that everyone is looking at her. the woman then tells brianne she has a post-it note on her. brianne looks down and low and behold she does have a post-it note stuck on her. ON HER BOOBIE! LOL that was a good one. i'm just glad it didn't say something like "file this immediately!" brianne--love ya and can't wait to see you in a week!!!

the girls decorated the tree tonight and it looks great. i played james browns funky christmas and worked on some christmas presents while they put on the ornaments. i loved seeing and hearing them find all the ornaments that they have made and cherished over the years. christmas is almost here...L

Sunday, December 09, 2007

yesterday.i can't begin to tell you how much fun yesterday was. friends, gifts, food, scrapping, snow, shopping and pictures to remember it all. just a great girl's day. love these women. they are all unique and fun in their own way. and i have known them all for four plus years. and yesterday was our annual christmas scrap. and they caravaned up here to prescott to spend it with me. loved it. love all of you...L

and another treat for me to top the night off. brianne and jeff sent this to dave and i. you must click it and enjoy some holiday fun...L

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

so the bloody flu bug hit me hard early monday morning. i'll spare you the gory details. still not 100% better but hopefully tomorrow will bring full recovery. before i got sick i had started sewing again. i decided to make my girls christmas dresses this year. because nothing brings me more stress, i mean joy, than to sew up not one, not two, but FOUR satin/taffeta dresses. let it be known--taffeta and satin rank right up there as the worst materials to sew. slippery little bastard! reminds me of the time that i let brianne pick out her easter dress pattern and material when she was 8. it was pink and it was lace. 2 things that shouldn't ever be brought together. because i literally had to sew that thing twice. once for the lining and then the lace dress. i learned some new words during that time. but of course this time i have no one to blame but moi. so haley's dress got done before the illness. one down.

so while i was at the fabric store i picked up some material to make me a skirt. this beautiful grey wool flannel with loopy cream stitching. i decided i would give myself a break from the girls dresses and sew my skirt. no pics yet. but it turned out fabulous. and only $6 to make it. i kid you not. dave was impressed.

that's all for now. back to taking it easy and pouring over magazines. and scrapping a little...L

(sorry for lousy pics!)