Friday, February 22, 2008

so it's 2:30 in the a.m. and i am not sleeping. i have the flu i think. nasty cough, aches, pains, sore throat and general yuckiness all round. but even while coughing up a lung kerry tells me i must blog. so blog i will. i haven't been doing much lately. really it feels like i am just trying to keep my head above water. i was thinking about my goals and if i had kept them or not. weight is still the same. but i started this week really well exercising and started jogging. it's actually more like partial jogging/walking. but i really felt good doing it. until my lungs started hurting. i thought i would beat this illness by exercising it away. but i will lay low until i am feeling better.

haven't read a book this month yet. need to get on it. but i have done good with other things. above are a couple of layouts i have done. also are the beautiful flowers my scrap group made me for my birthday. plus the beautiful adelaide lou. my sweet daughter's friend and our previous mesa neighbor ashley and her husband came to visit a few weekends ago and brought their 6 week old baby with them. she is a doll. and her name is just the cutest one ever. makes me want to have another baby. actually just makes me want brianne to have a baby. and let me name her. adelaide lou. love it.

ok--here is wishing me a speedy recovery and some flu related weight loss. although dave made me eat a cheesy chicken burrito covered in enchilada sauce for dinner. and i just had a 1/2 pb&j sandwich. but at least the girls did me the favor of eating up all our girlscout cookies.

oh--i almost forgot to mention. when i wasn't feeling good yesterday and kind of in a bad mood i went to the hockey game with a girlfriend. which helped me to feel so much better and when we got outside after the game it was snowing hard. and my car had about 2 inches of snow on it. boy was it cold, but it was so beautiful too. everyone have a great weekend...L

Thursday, February 14, 2008

just some valentine cards i made. happy V-day to everyone and a big smooch. best present? jeff bought brianne a ticket to come home this weekend!! yay--i am so excited! she gets in tomorrow!! plus dave is cleaning the house for me tomorrow. score!

today started out kinda yucky. i have been feeling down and not sleeping and feeling some stress. so i cried a little and wow--it's amazing how letting your emotions out can do a world of good. maybe i should start to do this crying thing once a week. anyway--i feel better now and i am excited for this weekend with most of my family here.

so i decided to make a list of some of the things i love and here they are (in no particular order):
salsa and chips; XXX vitamin water, lip gloss, books, lakes, snow, art, scrapbooking, photos, eggnog, effexor, email, ipod, disneyland, music, brownies, diet pepsi with lime, hot baths, new shoes, haircuts, purses, air, stars, worn out jeans, warm wooly socks, a fire in the fireplace, and last but not least--my family and friends. without them nothing else would matter...L

Monday, February 11, 2008

i love this girl. i love the clothes she picks out. they're always so cute. as cute as she is, no one would go outside with her today and play. her eyes were welling up with tears. so momma went. we swung on the swings, then she slid down the slide, then she tried fixing the trampoline--which died a terrible death in a wind storm, and i took some pictures. i was thinking how lucky i was. no one else usually wants me to take their picture. haley is always more than willing. except after i took these pictures she looked at me said "that's all the pictures mom." and then she went about her business. i went inside to start dinner but i kept watching her and what she was doing. talking to herself and the dogs. running around. climbing the steps. having fun...L

Thursday, February 07, 2008