Tuesday, May 31, 2011

my friend did this in some phone app. cool huh? oh, summer school starts today. shoot me now. i enjoyed a little time off. i got to watch season three of dexter, read a few books, enjoy the girls (and boy) and watch a few seasons of 'thirtysomething.' anyone old enough to remember that show? although i was in my twenties when it aired i always loved that show. and now 20+ years looking back at it is really fun. someone on the show got their first monstrous computer. no cell phones, no ipads, no laptops, etc. but relationships, feelings--those things never change. its fun to see how the single people and the married people are on the show. i can identify with each one of them--the mom, the single mom, the married mom, and now the single girl. all very real, with real-life problems.

ok--so the other day i took my two teenage daughters to the mall. along the drive there the song S&M came on by rhianna. i admit i like this song. so one of the girls asked what it all meant. i'm trying to explain it. then that led to a discussion of STD's. which led to a discussion of sex in general. i've always been open and honest with my children about sex. so the topic of masterbation came up. i'm trying to explain all this openly and honestly but some things started coming up out of that so that by the end of the discussion i was laughing so hard i was crying. then one of the girls said later--what was that thing? masterbution? wait, you can't have sex by yourself. CAN YOU? the killer to the ending of that was my daughter saying "you need a boy don't you?" i laughed the rest of the day about it. so if you are in dire need of a good gut busting laugh just talk to your teenagers about sex. i guarantee hilarity...L

Friday, May 27, 2011

whoa, its been a while since i blogged. or felt like blogging. and since i only have maybe two readers then it doesn't make much sense to blog. except its sort of like a little journal for me. a journal that me and two others get to read. haha

so much and so little has been happening. whats the old saying--the more things change, the more they stay the same. that is life. I finished my first semester of grad school. i ended up getting two A+ grades which made my semester GPA a 4.17. of course those finals that took place had me in tears and in super freak out mode. it was brutal. being a single mom is tough without placing a person into having to study on a daily basis. i also started subbing which was fun/work. and next tuesday i go back for summer school. 4 nights a week for the rest of summer. not. looking. forward. to. that.

dating. ha. dating is not really happening right now. well, unless you count the gay guy i dated for six months dating. i prefer not to. lets just say that i am not going in to the match making business. i can't even pick men for me. i don't do the online dating thing, i don't really have a job that would position me to meet anyone, and so i am left in this weird no date zone. i alternate between feeling lonely and feeling free from any relationship. most of the time i am completely fine with my life. i know that being single has its ups and downs just like being married does. personally for me the highs and lows of single life far outweigh the heavy burden of being married to a/an (insert any adjective) man. however i go through patches of wondering how this will all play out. i get a little dejected from time to time.

other than that life is the same. the girls keep me busy. dallas is home and working and going to start up at ASU in the fall. my grandson is almost a year and a half old and brianne and jeff will be moving in to their first house this summer. a fun story about dallas. of course all stories of dallas are usually fun. he was complaining one night about me raising him like a girl. he said he wanted to buy some 'bumble and bumble' hair products when he got his first paycheck. i told him i couldn't believe he knew what bumble and bumble was. he said "well, its your fault for always taking me to the beauty salon to get my hair cut. i asked my roomate one day what 'product' he used in his hair and he said 'what the H are you talking about.' mom, you raised me like a girl!!!" anyway--we laughed about that. later on dallas told his gay boss (not the guy i dated, this is a different gay) that story. his boss told dallas "i'm gay and i don't even use the word product." haha i thought that was pretty funny.

ok. later i will post some pictures of italy on here. i finally got through editing all of them. photoshop was my bff there for a while.

happy memorial day to everyone...L