Wednesday, August 29, 2007

just a few things i have been working on. i finished all the girls skirts last week. haley and anna wears theirs all the time. next up is a skirt and an apron for me. i got 2 vintage apron patterns on ebay last week and can't wait to try one.

i have been working on layouts too. took some really fun pics last week and i am scrapping them. the one with carson and the scenic route sticker--when i was with beth at SE i saw that and just had to have it! in fact i was already through paying and made beth get it for me! so here it is beth. and also the new scenic route paper i bought. yeah--it's not pink! LOL

i hope everyone has a good week and makes a treat for their family. i am planning on making some regular rice krispies today and also a won-ton chicken salad tonight for dinner. eat, craft and be happy...L

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

today was one of those days that was just sweet. a very happy day. sorry kerry--don't be a tuesday hater. for kerry, tuesday is the new monday. she never has good tuesdays. so she will have to live the day through me. i was awaiting david's arrival home today from taking dallas up to Utah to get settled in, and went uptown to do a few errands. i had a bowl of roasted tomato soup at wildflower bread company and then strolled through the mall. i stopped in at barnes and noble and bought a few inspirational magazines.

i bought the people magazine because it said it had the latest fall fashions and i was curious to see what was going to be "hot" this fall and look for things that i could sew. then as i was walking out of the mall i was thinking of something i could make my kids for a treat when they came home. i thought of rice krispie squares because they are easy and good. and then i remembered this killer recipe i have for rice krispie sandwiches and stopped off at the store to buy some cereal and butterscotch chips. and since i have been reading a lot of "crafty blogs," including blogs that involve sewing and cooking, i was determined to take pictures of some of the steps of creating. so the first thing you need to make rice krispie squares are these:

and of course you need a cute apron (i got this in savannah this summer)

and then you will get these little morsels of yum:

now the funny thing is that i am not one of those moms that has a batch of warm cookies right out of the oven ready for their kids when they get home from school. so this was fun to do and my girls were so excited to see them and eat them. and it got me thinking of how much of what makes life good is the little things. just the tiny little expressions of love that we can give out daily to those around us. and how much it means to people. to see that people care about them.

OK--enough of the sappiness. last night when i couldn't sleep (big shock there) i finished a couple of layouts.

and if you look closely beth you will see i have used PINK! in my layout! so very proud of myself. and now i am going to bed. cuz it's bizness time. but i will leave you with the recipe for rice krispie sandwiches...L

Rice Krispie Sandwiches

Melt one 6 oz. package of butterscotch chips with 1/2 cup peanut butter over low heat, stirring until chips are melted. Stir melted chips into 4 cups of rice krispies and press 1/2 the mixture into an 8" square pan. chill it. then, in a double boiler, stir one 6 oz. package of chocolate chips, 1/2 cup of powdered sugar, 2 tablespoons of butter and 1 tablespoon of water until chocolate melts. spread over chilled krispies, top off with reserved krispies--chill and cut into tiny squares.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

can't sleep again. so i thought i would let you know about humiliation week. at the school of lisa. it all started thursday when i went down to mesa. i met beth at the scrapbook store and we were following each other around looking at all sorts of stuff. i was looking for paper holders. i found one and put it in my basket. the basket i got after beth told me i needed one. right before i started dropping all my items. anyway--beth is looking at something right behind me and i spot a different paper holder/organizer. i grab it and say very loudly "whatcha think of this one versus the other one i grabbed?" and turn around to see it is not beth right behind me but someone i don't know. and she looks stunned. so i go and find beth and tell her what happened. a little snicker. then about a nanosecond later i manage to topple all the books of the shelf onto the floor. much laughter from the other side of the wall. i asked beth if she even needed to ask whom had done that. she didn't. so i manage to leave the store without further excitement. and a shout out to beth for pointing out some killer halloween scrapbook paper and challenging me to a layout duel! ha ha

after the store i go to meet some friends for a birthday lunch. we had just sat down and were getting our water when the waitress knocks my glass over and water goes everywhere--me, the present for my friend, my feet and nicole. well, it was a hot day and it was only water. and i had a good time seeing friends that i don't get to see very often. and a killer shrimp taco!

next stop is this little salon/boutique that i love in mesa. they always have cheap, fabulous skirts. so i find a few and go try them on. i am on my second skirt and i go to unzip it and the zipper pull breaks off. great. so i try to unzip the skirt. no way. i try to put the zipper pull back on. not happening. i again try to budge the zipper down.nope. finally poke my head out to tell the salesgirl my little problem. she comes over and tries to fix it and budge the zipper. nuh-uh. then she asks me if i have tried to pull it over my head. i just look at her and wonder if she has glanced at my upper body and then proceed to tell her i will try. needless to say that it is 113 degrees outside and have you ever tried on clothes when everything imaginable is melting? including me? so i am almost laughing to myself about trying to get this skirt off over my head. i have had a mammogram. i would have rather had had another one than attempting this maneuver. so i manage to get it over my ta ta's and it gets stuck right under my arm pits. lovely. now not only do i have a skirt stuck on me but everything from the waist down is blowing in the wind. so i suck everything in with all the energy i can muster and here we are, back where we started from. i stick my head out again and tell the girl that it just isn't happening. we both try to get the zipper pull on and try to force the zipper down. but no. this is where the jaws of life come in. yep, i had to be cut out of the skirt. which i decided not to buy.

now if you think that the story of accident prone/clumsy/humiliation stops there, wait. there's more. today is the day i drive the carpool. i drive wed. and fri. so i go to pick up haley from preschool. she has to be signed in and out. i am gathering all her stuff and one of her teachers comes out and asks if i have gotten everything. i have only met her once since i don't drive everyday. anyway i tell her i have gotten everything and we proceed to walk out together. she then asks me if i have signed haley out. i tell her that i did. then she asks me if i am haley's grandma. i say no, i'm her mom. then comes the mortified look and profuse apologies. i tell her it's no big deal. i mean i do have a daughter that will be 24 in a few weeks and haley is not even in kindergarten. still she felt bad. but it was funny. so funny i forgot to laugh! LOL

anyway--that is my week in a nutshell. good times. and i am starting to feel better. starting to feel like the old me again. ready to scrap and ready to start sewing. so look for some new projects from me. and a challenge from beth to use red in a layout. and no circles (since every paper i picked out in the scrapbook store had circles on it!) well, here's to good friends, a great husband and kids and zippers that work...lisa

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i can't sleep. i tried to lay down and couldn't do it. dallas and his friend gage just left tonight to go to mesa. they're leaving tomorrow for rocky point. then dallas will come back on saturday and leave with david for college on sunday. i feel like he just got back from italy. how could he already be leaving again. you have kids for what, the first eighteen years or so and then they leave. and it's supposed to be like that. it's how life works. and most of the time i am fine with that. but not tonight. tonight i just want to have all my kids be with me and laugh and play and hang out and remember all the funny times we have had and what we still have ahead of us. and it makes me sad. you take care of them for a while and just when they are old enough to take care of themselves and become more like a friend--poof--they're gone.

but i am lucky--lucky to have such great kids. LUCKY! i count my blessings everyday. not one of my children have caused me that much trouble. of course they are kids--they fight, they complain about helping and sometimes drive me a little crazy--but for the most part they are so GOOD. really and truly. so i won't complain (much!) when they grow up and leave. after all i have been lucky to have a daughter graduate from college and marry in the temple. and a son that has served a full time mission and is heading off to college. so i will try to focus on the joy that that brings me and not the sadness. i will tell you that as a mom whom has grown children and young ones--it goes by pretty fast. so try to make the most of each moment that you have with your own children...L

Thursday, August 09, 2007

these are my girls as they headed out to school this week. so far so good! they all seem to be liking being back at school so far. probably not as much as momma does though. Taylor is in her 2nd year of middle school, 7th grade. Carson is in her last year of elementary school, 5th grade. Anna is in 2nd grade and haley is in Pre-K three days a week. I'm in a carpool this year so i only have to drive 2 times a week. love that.

not much else to say except i have been keeping busy. i tried to upload a pic of the wedding to no avail. the files are just too big. i will have to work on finding a way.

i do have to end with a funny anna story as brianne threatened me that i better blog about this. i cut dallas' hair the other day and anna came in and asked why didn't i give him the haircut i gave dad (mohawk, last summer). dallas said that he didn't want his hair like that and anna said why not? dad did it. then i said--well dad is a crazy man and anna looked at me and said--well, you married him. that's right--i said. then anna asked me--so you like crazy men? well anna--it sure looks like it! ha ha

peace out everyone...L

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

so i have been busy! I started cleaning out my scrap area this week and came across some old photos that i had. the ones of haley fishing. these are around 2 years old. and when i found them i had a need to scrap them. i mean that is my baby right there--the one with the dang cute pigtails and the one whom is perfectly content sitting there fishing. that brought back some good memories. makes me sad that the baby days are over. my girls are sad too. they keep asking for a baby. i tell them that i passed the torch over to brianne. hint, hint!

not much else going on here but counting the days until school starts. only 5 more days! it's crazy to think that summer is over and fall is right around the corner. and dallas will be leaving for school soon too and i don't know what will happen after he leaves and i am left to entertain my girls all by myself again!! ok--david is here too so it's not like it's really all me. but still, we will miss dallas when he goes and i know no one wants to say goodbye all over again. too sad for me to think about.

and wedding pictures will be forthcoming because brianne is sending me the cd with the photographers pics soon. i think she said there were 1,000 images! so excited! so for all of you wanting to see pictures you will soon enough! later...L