Tuesday, May 16, 2006

so--got to talk to my son. ya know--the one in Italy. HEAVEN! He's doing so well. So weird and yet so comforting to hear his voice. still the same. but better. Brianne came up and surprised me Saturday as well. that was a great surprise! She leaves Thursday. David took her to Phoenix today and bought her a couple of bathing suits and some shoes. Tomorrow the girls are skipping school and we are hiking in the morning.

I pulled a Kerry today--well, she posted on her blog that she left some housework unattended too and scrapped. I was cleaning my scrap area today and saw an ad in a mag that begged to be scraplifted. so I did. cleaning will always be available. scrap mojo is a fragile thing...L


laura said...

your family is beautiful,lisa! i am so happy for you that you were able to talk to your son. i seriously don't know how you do it, being out of contact. you are so strong! (((Hugs)))

i'm so jealous of all of the scrapping going on out there in AZ! i need to find the time!


Beth said...

Love it, Lisa! Anna's adorable! And I totally hear you about taking advantage of the scrap mojo when you have it.

Laura- there are still houses on the market in my neighborhood. Maybe you could find some mojo, too? ;)

Lisa said...

yeah, but Prescott is much cooler than where beth is (it's hot there!!) Prescott is just like CA except for the crowds, the smog, the ocean and oh yeah--the shopping! :( Tons of transplants here from CA to make you feel at home!!!

Kerry said...

I LOVE that layout Lisa!! So cute. Anna is such a crack up! And yep..grab that mojo when it hits!

Laura...don't listen to Lisa. Yeah, Prescott is nice...but Phoenix is WAY better. Summer is no big deal when you know somebody with a pool, and seeing as how you would move in next to Beth, you can use it whenever you want. ;)

Shanna said...

Yay girl! What an awesome Mother's Day! So excited for you! You're an inspiration! Love ya!