Friday, April 20, 2007

i love alanis. here's proof. my humps


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

sick, sick, sick. that has been me since sunday. i wish i could say it was over but today was probably the worst. i have had the worst migraine i have ever had i think. so not a good day. but hopefully it will be over tomorrow. i feel like i have lost a week. on a good note it is only 4 more days til i am cropping with my girlfriends and lots of other peas. happy about that. staying with kerry and i get to see her cute new puppy piper! as far as puppies go our little jake is at the vet hospital tonight. he was not himself when he got up this morning and just layed there not moving or wanting to eat. we do know it isn't parvo and i hope that tomorrow the vet calls and has good news and our pup is back to normal. don't know what anyone would do without that sweet puppy here.

lot of things have been on my mind--especially since i have spent probably the better part of 2 whole days in bed. first the horrific shooting in VA. it makes me sad and makes my heart ache since i have a daughter graduating from college next week.

my son will be home in about 3 weeks from italy. i can hardly think about anything else, except for maybe a wedding coming up!

my sweet girls and husband taking care of me these past few days. what a joy to have such a blessing in my life...L

Thursday, April 12, 2007

i put a hold on reading and made some layouts--ok, technically only one layout, but i did start a little mini album for david's aunt! almost done with it too! brianne and jeff sent the flowers to thank us for a great weekend. i love flowers. they're just so, well, flowery! ha ha

3rd child down sick. now it is carson's turn. i think she is better now but david took me to dinner and then shoo-ed me out the door to get a break. i ended up at joann's buying material to make me and the girls skirts. it was so bizarre to be looking at fabrics again. i used to sew all the time when brianne was little. easter dresses, christmas dresses, rompers, etc. even when taylor and carson were babies i still sewed some. then it got too expensive to sew and was just cheaper and easier to just buy dresses and such. and also see earlier blog post about scrapping--not enough time for all my hobbies! but i saw these cute skirts on etsy and just had to make some myself. i definitely will take pictures when they are done...L

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

OK--more pics!

on another note--i have just finished my fourth harry potter book. i just started reading them a couple of weeks ago. don't know why it took me this long to read them-dallas got hooked on them when they first came out. then haley wanted to watch the first harry potter movie and when i took the girls to the library over spring break anna picked up the first harry potter book and i ended up reading it and was hooked. i have to say that each book keeps on getting better and better. can't wait to read the next 2 books before the final one comes out this july.

funny thing is i used to be an avid reader until i got obsessed with scrapbooking. then my reading kind of fell to the wayside and i didn't read near as much as i had in the past. so these books have shown me how much i have missed reading again. i hope i can keep it up. and learn to balance both of my hobbies...L

Saturday, April 07, 2007

aren't they cute? I took some pics of them today trying to get a good engagement picture. i think they should go with this one! brianne wanted jeff to pick her up and sort of have her fly in mid-air. instead we got this. but it was fun to take their picture together. they are so cute as a couple!! and jeff is wonderful! love him and glad my daughter picked him. he is very patient with her!! ha ha the girls love him too--probably too much since they won't leave him alone!

so we have had some fun while they were here. we went to the easter pageant last night and it was wonderful. met up with brianne's friend ashley and her husband and got to visit with them. ashley lived right next door to us in mesa and has come up a few times to watch the girls so dave and i can get away. ashley lives right by the temple and actually got us seats! i have never sat in a seat at the easter pageant ever! always on the grass!

today jeff and brianne colored eggs and hid them with the girls. after that we went and took pictures. everyone except anna and i are at the hockey play-offs. anna has a fever, earache and threw up this afternoon. poor thing--right at easter! and brianne and jeff leave tomorrow to go back to Utah.

i hope everyone has a great easter and celebrates what it means to them...L

Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's official!! they're engaged! I am so happy for both of them! love you both...L