Sunday, February 28, 2010

Your horoscope for February 28, 2010
A luxury you've been craving for a while could seem very tempting today, lisa. Make sure you're really ready, willing, and able to spend the money in order to get it. Think about it carefully before whipping out your checkbook. Do you really want it that much? Is it feasible for you right now? If so, then go for it. Luxuries aren't always a waste of money. They can do wonders for our self-esteem!

and people say horoscopes are phooey...L

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I love alanis morissette. she has great music and a great voice. i went for a walk early this morning and this song came on my ipod. appropriate...L


Dear momma's boy I know you've had your butt licked by your mother
I know you've enjoyed all that attention from her
And every woman graced with your presence after
Dear narcissus boy I know you've never really apologized for anything
I know you've never really taken responsibility
I know you've never really listened to a woman

Dear me-show boy I know you're not really into conflict resolution
Or seeing both sides of every equation
Or having an uninterrupted conversation

And any talk of healthiness
And any talk of connectedness
And any talk of resolving this
Leaves you running for the door

(why why do I try to love you
Try to love you when you really don't want me

Dear egotist boy you've never really had to suffer any consequence
You've never stayed with anyone longer than ten minutes
You'd never understand anyone showing resistance
Dear popular boy I know you're used to getting everything so easily
A stranger to the concept of reciprocity
People honor boys like you in this society

And any talk of selflessness
And any talk of working at this
And any talk of being of service
Leaves you running for the door

(why why do I try to help you try to help you
When you really don't want me to)

You go back to the women who will dance the dance
You go back to your friends who will lick your ass
You go back to ignoring all the rest of us
You go back to the center of your universe

Dear self centered boy I don't know why I still feel affected by you
I've never lasted very long with someone like you
I never did although I have to admit I wanted to
Dear magnetic boy you've never been with anyone who doesn't take your shit
You've never been with anyone who's dared to call you on it
I wonder how you'd be if someone were to call you on it

And any talk of willingness
And any talk of both feet in
And any talk of commitment
Leaves you running for the door

(why why do I try to change you try to
Try to change you when you really don't
Want me to)

You go back to the women who will dance the dance
You go back to your friends who will lick your ass
You go back to being so oblivious
You go back to the center of the universe

Sunday, February 21, 2010

i'm thinking of just turning this into a shoe-a-day blog. of course i would have to add purses...L

Friday, February 19, 2010

Your horoscope for February 19, 2010
Seize the day today, lisa; this is one you have been waiting for. Don't back down from the intensity of the day, for you have the power now to get a leg-up in your journey towards whatever it is you wish to accomplish in this lifetime. You will find that your willpower and discipline is finally paying off and that it is now time to grab hold of opportunities that are being presented to you. Take the plunge towards a brighter future and be confident of your impending success.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

something new i'm doing this year--making a digi calendar to record the little things and some pictures from the month...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

to show i have more than just a fancy for shoes...

Sunday, February 07, 2010

happy super bowl sunday. go saints. finishing up homework and while i did some reading i worked on two layouts. one of my sweet grandson logan and another one of something fun that me and the girls did--thanks for the green onion project, brianne & jeff, and also the grandson...L

Friday, February 05, 2010

isn't this so springy? just right for that perfect flowy, floral dress that i don't have...L

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Anna: Mom, how do you make Lady GaGa cry?
Me: I don't know.
Anna: Poke her face.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

so this is my new grandson. I designed the announcement for brianne and jeff and of course had to send brianne this one that mentioned that logan is a double capricorn. for those of you not in the know, a double capricorn is someone that has both their sun sign and moon sign in capricorn. brianne had a wonderful labor, delivery process and logan really is just the sweetest baby in the whole world and i cherished my time with the new little family when i was up in utah. more pictures later when i am not swamped with homework. and yes, i am swamped with homework...L