Thursday, June 30, 2011


ballet lessons. i have been thinking for sometime that i wanted the girls to take dance lessons. all of my older girls took lessons when they were young. however, with being a single mom, and going to graduate school, there wasn't time, nor money, to invest in this. but i decided that summer lessons would be perfect. i picked up a flyer and let the girls choose what they wanted to take. i was sure that they would pick hip-hop, jazz, or gymnastics. nope. they both wanted to take ballet. i remember taking ballet for at least 6 years. then when it was time to go on my toes i quit. but i love ballet. for several reasons. one--it's french. arabesque, plié, jeté, rond de jambe á terre. two--it's graceful. ballerina's dance so seemingly effortlessly. three--it's beautiful. the pink tights, the hair up in a chignon, the simple outfits. four--it's classic. it's an art form that is amazing and lovely and has been around forever. maybe i have the next martha graham...

Tuesday, June 07, 2011