Tuesday, May 02, 2006

just a layout i did about trying to find enough time in the day...L

journaling reads:time. or the lack of it. always a major force in my life. how to get more of it, stretch it, and make the most of it. well, unless I discover some unknown law of physics I think I will always have 24 hours a day. then it hit me this morning as I was rushing around again trying to make everything work. I have enough time already—I really do. all I have to do is to find out what is important enough for me to make time for. this is what I decided:

I have time for God. I have time to pray, read my scriptures and do my church callings.

I have time for my husband. time to tell him how muappreciate him, kiss him good morning, give him a shoulder rub at night.

I have time for my children. time for kisses and hugs and dancing in the family room. time to call just to say hello. time to write an email.

I have time for me. time to scrapbook, journal, take pictures, read a good book, email a friend, exercise.

these are my priorities—these are the things that I need to put on my TO DO LIST everyday. everything else is a non-priority. do I have time? time for the important things in my life? all the time in the world...


laura said...

you've been a busy little poster, haven't you? love the heidi stuff, and REALLY love this layout!

hope you are having a good week. :)

Beth said...

Very cool, Lisa! Love the colors, and the journaling is great.

So glad you enjoyed the Heidi class. I was curious about it. :)

SHanna said...

Lisa! This is seriously one of my most favorite layouts ever of yours! I think because of the journaling! I love hearing whats going on in that head of yours! LOL