Thursday, March 30, 2006

Busy. Busy. Busy. That has been my life all week. Taxes are done finally. All of my photoshop homework is about caught up. Laundry is almost caught up. Now I can take a breather I hope. Just seems my life has been pretty hectic and crazy this week. I need to have some sanity for a while. Sometimes it feels like life is always insane, but I guess I do have some relief in there or I wouldn't be sitting at my computer writing this--I'd be locked up somewhere taking strange pills and eating jello.

Yesterday Haley and I were sitting in the car waiting for David and she had her barbies (4 total) that she was playing with and having conversations with. I grabbed a pen and whatever paper was in my purse and started writing. Here is above said conversations with dolls. I will call it "conversations with dolls".

"can you give me some breakfast and coke?" (no clue where that comes from? ;))
"sure--here you go"
"oh thank you"
"you're welcome"
"how does it go?"
"good" (kisses)
"I like you--you're sparkly"
"mother, can I have some coke?" (again--no clue!)
"sure" (Haley proceeds to give all her dolls drinks)
"mother, I'm sick" (probably all that coke for breakfast!)
"so we have pants at home"
"mother, let's go get some."

That was it--then she noticed me watching her and writing stuff down! Too funny. The funniest thing is that she never calls me mother. That is reserved for play time I guess. The whole time she is playing she intermittently gives her dolls kisses. That's my baby.

I took a class at the gym today called "pumping iron" why they don't rename gym classes by their true meaning is beyond me. It should have been called "come on in suckah and I'll teach you what pain really is!" Actually it was a great class and I didn't go overboard trying to keep up or punish myself. It was dumbells and a bar with weights. You worked out each body part during one song. Great '80's songs too but you were glad when they came to an end. I liked how you can add more weights as you get conditioned. I think I'll take it tomorrow and then the yoga class on Saturday. If I'm still moving that is...L

Thursday, March 23, 2006

What day is it? It's limerick day of course. Not really, but Carson brought me her homework last night and they had to write 3 limericks. Not hard right? After all I am Irish! The hard thing was there were already words in place on certain you're getting my drift. Not as easy as you first think. So after a few hours of David and I both helping her, busting out a few limericks not intended for nine year olds and calling her teacher a few names we finally got the limericks done. Whew. But that got me on a limerick kick. I came up with a few for her to take to school today but wouldn't you know a sarcastic limerick is lost on a nine year old girl! So I will share them here. If you're offended by swear words then stop reading!

Limerick One: the one I tried to get Carson to take to school.

The limerick homework was dumb
It really was not at all fun

It sucked and it bit
the whole thing was shit

And you can shove that up your bum!

Limerick Two: Said after asking Carson if she had bathed the night before

There once was a girl who was dirty
none of the boys would be flirty

she stunk and she smelled
told them all go to hell

Hey--I think I look rather Purty!

After that limerick I announced to the family that I would now speak only in limerise!!!!

Limerick Three: Written on Carson's lunch bag after she complained I never wrote her notes

There once was a girl in school
she was pretty awesome and cool

her lunch box broke
it isn't a joke

Brown paper lunch sacks rule!

And now another deep thought by Jack Handy:

If you're ever shipwrecked on a tropical island and you don't know how to speak the natives' language, just say "Poppy-oomy." I bet it means something.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

ciao! hey those pictures are too cool. Yea mom lets keep the stories of (deleted to protect the innocent) within the family. I dont even want to know what you tell the members at prescott about me. WEll you guys are really having fun while iam gone, man i should have know that would happen.hahah. Well how is life for all of you. How is the ward in prescott? The members are nice i hope. O yea thank the young women for sending the package it was greatly appreciated, but one question whats with the corn nuts? Is prescott like known for corn nuts or something? You guys send me corn nuts and then they sent me a bunch. Lasciamo perdere. well i still love you guys even if youve become corn nut junkies.haaha Well the mission is going great I was going through a pretty rough period but the Lord has conforted me and has let me know that iam doing fine. Well iam cant wait till conference in april. yea i know that sounds weird but iam excited for conference its kind of funny b/c before i just want to sleep or watch sports. The power of the atonement of Christ is just amazing it can really change anybodys life. I hope you guys still read the scriptures togther and pray togther everynight. It will really help you all stay united and help you confront the trials in your lifes and most of all it will bless the girls the most because they will start a habit reading the scriptures and praying and it will bless them for the rest of their lives. Well I love you all so much and thank you for always being there for me even when i wasnt the perfect son(which was most of the time). Iam going to mail a cd with all my pics from the mission so mom can go crazy with the scrapbooking stuff. ciao

this is what I live from Dallas...L

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

more beach pics...L

back from the beach to...SNOW! What fun--can't believe we celebrated the first day of spring with a snow storm. Much needed and loved. It is still very surreal to see it snow.

California--no other state like it. Beautiful scenery, weather and of course, the ocean. We went to the San Diego zoo, the ocean and the Stephen Birch Aquarium. All very lovely and fun. Debbie and Dennis drove up on Saturday and had a picnic on the beach with us. It only rained on Friday night and a little Saturday morning. It did however pour on us on our way home Sunday. And as we got home it was snowing. The girls got a 2 hour snow delay for school the next day--they loved it! But I do love the ocean. We stayed at Hotel del Coronado--always had a desire to stay there. Built in 1866. so cool!

I will add some more pictures later. Now back home and in the swing of things again. Off to do more laundry...L

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

took a picture of Haley in the snow. Well, actually I took a LOT of pics--but here is one. Snow is now melting--funny how what can be so beautiful at first can turn into a slushy, muddy yuck--that gets tracked in all through the house! But the girls did have fun on their sled! Haven't heard from Dallas in a few weeks--that always makes me sad. I'm sure he's fine--but I miss him. Had to cancel our dune trip as well since there is supposed to be a major snow storm coming. So I don't get to see Brianne either. Major bummer. But we are going to San Diego so that should be fun. Look for more pictures...L

Sunday, March 12, 2006

more snow pics. David has decided to stay another day in CA as the roads are pretty bad and it was supposed to snow more here. It hasn't snowed again though--just pretty to look at and very cold outside! We got 13 inches of snow here--so wonderful! We needed it badly! Just awaiting the dog trainer for Max then I'm scrapping...L

Saturday, March 11, 2006

my layouts I did at Shanna lamba ding dongs...L

some pictures I hope will show up here...L
Woo Hoo--SNOW DAY! yeah, baby! It's a beautiful thing. I mean we move up from the furnace of hell to this lovely mountain place and then it doesn't snow...whaddup wit dat? So it started raining in Mesa last night and rained all night and Haley and I drove home to a snow storm. OK--technically not a blizzard or anything but I am calling it a snow storm gosh dang it! It has been snowing all day--there is at least a good 4 inches of snow all around. So Haley and I are living it up..movies, hot chocolate, fireplace a'roaring. Gotta love it.

So yesterday was fun. Haley and I drove down to Mesa--said hello to my old bowling team, of which only one was there!! But it was good to talk to Judi. Then Haley and I went shopping and then the fun really started! David had told me he would buy me a right-hand ring--probably because I cried I didn't get anything on V-day and that he never bought me anything, yada, yada, in order to shut me up he told me he would buy me a ring. I found one I liked in the mall and he finally went with me--'course then I wanted to "look" around. So when I went down to Mesa I popped in the jewelry store that I had found a ring before that I loved. Of course said ring was a 2 carat yellow diamond that had two half carat trillion diamonds on each side. $25,000. yep, didn't get it. Probably why I have a lack of jewelry in the first place. Too much expensive taste! So I went in yesterday and found this beautiful pave, white and rose gold way-awesome-unique-totally cool ring. I had the girl write down the info and left the store. I called David on his cell (like a normal person--not on the walkie-talkie boom box) told him I found the ring I wanted. Conversation then went like this: Me--I found the ring I want, D--How much is it? Me--$$$, D--Why don't you just buy it, Me--are you sure? you don't want to get it? D-you're still at the store aren't you? Me--NO! I'm in the car! D--well, go get it honey if you want it. Me--really?, um,OK!! Then I swerved the truck and I think I caused a pile up trying to rush back to the store so I could get me ring!!! Wearing it right now and it is very cool. Later that night D called me to ask if I was mad at him that he didn't buy it himself and I had to get it. Nah, I'll give ya another chance!!! :)

Afterwards Haley and I went to the mall, had lunch, went to our old house and checked it out, dropped cards off at a friend whom was sick in bed, went to the scrap store and then went to Shanna's. We had dinner, scrapped, laughed, doodled--just kidding--I absolutley did NO doodling--I'm anti--doodle. It pains me to say that but it is true. Only if you are a scrapbooker will the above sentence make any sense whatsoever! We had fun and Haley watched the Barbie Rapunzel movie about a gazillion times. The really sad part was that Shanna was singing all the songs whilst she doodled. She does have a nice singing voice so I won't make fun of her. Thanks for tracing my heart!!!!! She does draw a nice heart and she has a good one herself.

Will end this by another deep thought by Jack Handy--courtesy of my daughter whom sent this to me...L

There's always been a good explanation for everything.
When that owl attacked grandma and started biting her
head, at first it didn't make any sense. Why would an
owl attack grandma? But then we found out later: a
mouse was living in her hair.

-Jack Handy

Friday, March 10, 2006

Ok--so there's no snow. Yet. I'm still waiting. I thought I was going to wake up to a blanket of white. Major disappointment. Woke up at 4:30 a.m. and nothing to do so I made myself some hot chocolate (mint) and decided to blog. Couple of things to note. Here they are.

I'm in photoshop class last night at the local college. David is in Temecula. David calls me right during our teacher's presentation last night, not with a regular ring that could be muted--oh no--ON THE WALKIE TALKIE! Which is very loud! I must preface this with the fact that David bought me this phone because I never answered my cell and he joked that this way I had to answer! Anyway I sit at the front (like the good student I am!) and right in the middle of class I hear HELLO? blasting over my cell, which even inside my purse is still very loud! I quickly jump up and dash out of class, only after trying unsuccessfully to mute the darn thing. Still talking on the walkie talkie I remind clueless that I am in class--you remember, the one you dropped? The best part was that Debbie's dogs were going psycho in the background from the loud voice coming over the walkie talkie. No mention of said disruption from anyone in class!

Finally went to the doctor yesterday. The orthopedic doc I should say. My shoulder has been killing me for over a month. The doctor is a neighbor so that made it nice. Told him what was wrong. He tells me I have bursitis. Come again doc? Ain't bursitis an old people's illness? um, yep! Best part--don't get any pain meds--I get a shot of cortisone in my freakin' shoulder! Bloody Hell!! Well, it wasn't too bad and he said he wouldn't hurt me as he didn't want to be run down in the neighbor hood by the big rig! He did put some numbing stuff in it though so for a few hours it felt pretty darn good! Then it wore off. 'nuff said. Hope it gets better soon.

Speaking of physical pain brings me right back to my husband again. J/K. David found out yesterday that a co-worker's mom died. Suddenly and unexpected. He felt bad for him and said that Manny started to tear up telling him. David talked to him and told him how bad he felt about it and that he knew how hard it was. So the good part is that when David is telling me this he told me he wanted to get Manny something--like a gift certificate for dinner so that he could have a night to out and be able to think about something else for a moment. David said that he usually would feel bad for a person that was going through a difficult time and then let it go and not do anything for that person, like most of us do, but this time he actually was going to do something for someone. Very proud of him. I was very moved.

One other thing before I try to lay down and go to sleep for hmmm, about an hour before I have to get up. Haley is so cute right now. Ok, she has always been cute from day one--but right now she's even cuter if that can be possible! She loves to play with dolls, Barbies, polly pockets, etc. She has a huge Dora house that she loves to play with. Well, while she plays with said objects she likes to carry on these long, elaborate conversations. They are cute, funny, downright hilarious! I need a video recorder or a tape recorder to get these. They are involved to say the least. I think my favorite part is when she is playing with the Dora house and rings the doorbell and says "hola". Too cute! That is my mission now--to get those conversations down on paper!

Today is the fun day...L out

Thursday, March 09, 2006

happy day--this is the forecast for Prescott this weekend:
significant winter storm system due to arrive by this weekend...a powerful winter storm system will begin taking shape along the west coast today. this storm will begin affecting much of arizona by friday and then last through the weekend. the first part of the storm will produce very windy gusts to near 40 mph are expected to be common across northern and central arizona friday.rain and snow showers will develop over higher terrain late thursday night into early friday morning...and will become more widespread friday afternoon. snow levels will rapidly fall to between 3500 to 5000 feet by friday afternoon...before dropping another 500 to 1000 feet on the storm develops...rain and snow will become steady and heavy at times from friday night through early sunday. at this time...the heaviest period of precipitation looks to be during saturday and saturday night. it is still too early to pinpoint exact snowfall amounts and locations...but some areas above 5000 feet are likely to see in excess of 6 inches of snow...with certain locations above 6000 feet around a foot or more by sunday morning.this is a large and potentially dangerous storm. most areas in northern and central arizona will be affected. in addition to heavy snowfall potential...this storm will be packing strong winds and the seasons coldest daytime temperatures. areas of blowing and drifting snow will be possible...along with extended periods of low and others with interests in northern and central arizona this weekend should stay tuned to your favorite media sources for updates on this developing winter storm.

We finally get winter in March...L

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tomorrow starts a long-girlfriend-scrappy weekend for me! David is taking 3 of the oldest girls to CA tomorrow and Haley and me have us some plans! First day--not much, second day--heading to Mesa to see some old friends (a surprise!) and then a day of uncontrollable, giggly, scrap 'til you drop night with Shanna!!! And whomever else wants to join us. Then Haley and I will head back to Prescott so I can take a scrapbook class at my local store! YAY! Then the rest of the day is free, and a quiet Sunday--will sure miss my honey and kids but I love it when I get some alone time. Plus it is supposed to be stormy this weekend. I'm all about the stormy.

Speaking snowed today...all day. Didn't stick but it was very pretty coming down. Loved it. The girls and I tried to catch snowflakes on our tongues.

Went to Mesa on Tuesday and scrapped most of the day with kerry. FUN! I got two layouts she made for me. {Note to self--leave more photo's accidentally at Kerry's} They are so cute! I love them. A big MWAH to you Kerry! I'm posting them for all to see. Until next entry...L

Monday, March 06, 2006

just wanted to share an email my daughter sent me tonight--too funny...L

before shoe shopping,calm yourself by meditating in the center of your closet. place a woven mat of green sawgrass in the center of the room. light incense and darken the room. sit on the mat with your legs crossed. clear your mind of all extraneous thoughts. breathe slowly and deeply. focus your mind on what you hope to accomplish. chanting is optional.

possible chants:
"do you... have these... in red?"
"will you... take another...10% off... if i buy two pairs?"
"i saw them first...b iach"

when you feel refreshed, relaxed, and at one with your shoes, go forth and shop.
-from the feng shoe book

Friday, March 03, 2006

I have seen other blogs with quotes from movies or books, etc. and I was thinking today that I would start putting up some of my favorite deep thoughts. So look for these periodically and have a good chuckle--I know I will. And now, another deep thought by Jack Handey: When I die, I would like to go peacefully, in my sleep, like my Grandfather did. Not screaming and yelling like the passenger in his car. Gotta love that Jack Handy...L

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Today was a good day. One of those days that just goes nice and smooth. Started out with David taking me to breakfast at Casa Sanchez. What's not to love about chips and salsa and huevos rancheros early in the a.m? Then we went to check out a preschool for Haley that also happens to be a private school from pre-K to 5th grade. Lovely school with a great teacher to student ratio and a very Montessori feel to it. They get to take yoga, fencing, swimming, get taught sign language, french and spanish and have great field trips, local artists--just a lot of wonderful things. No testing (which I am soooo against) and just a lot of life experience and learning opportunities. We are seriously considering it. When I told Carson about it she wanted us to sign her up sight unseen! We told her we would take her to the school and she could decide. She had a hard transition going from her beloved Montessori school in Mesa to the public school here. Which brings me to my next subject. Carson had some artwork from school chosen to be displayed at the district office--going to go look at it this weekend!

Went to Costco and found a ton of really cool new things. David found a smoker that I'm pretty sure he is going go back and get. Then I went to my photoshop class and learned how to retouch photos. Very cool stuff. When I got home I had a package of shoes to open! That's right--SHOES! Yum! Can life get any better when you can order shoes online? The answer is no if you live in a virtual shoe drought in a tiny town! So I am off to try and get at least 4 hours of sleep tonight, I have been having a week of sleeplessness--not fun...L