Tuesday, November 17, 2009

casa grande ruins. that was the field trip i went on with anna last week. very cool. the hohokams lived here around 700 years ago. amazing site and we got to see one of the three owls that live there. since i am taking a class of native american poetry this semester as well as a middle ages history class i found this quite interesting. i am making a new years resolution early this year--and i rarely make resolutions as i usually find them cliché. i was reading a blog the other day and this woman has a picture every day on her blog. everyday. which means she took the picture, downloaded it, edited it and posted it. but i loved looking at her pictures and wishing i took more pictures. the last year was pretty rough for our family but i see a bright and happy future. and i've decided i don't want to miss it. so i am vowing to take more pictures and blog more often. i would love it if i could take a picture a day all of next year. i'm willing at least give it a try...L

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I scrapped. It is a Christmas miracle. It felt so good too.