Tuesday, June 19, 2007

yes--i am still alive. barely. buried beneath a mountain of pink and green ribbon. been working on wedding invitations and a guest book and a whole lot of other stuff. i would post a few pictures but i can't find them on my computer. finally got photoshop on my mac and now do not know what the heck i am doing! i downloaded some pictures last night and i can't find them. i hate relearning things.

i did have a fun time this weekend scrapping with my friends. it was something i needed and it really made a difference. a nice break. so thanks girls. especially a big old shout out to shanna for breaking my eardrums! what's that? did you say something hooker?

anyway, speaking of breaks, david needed one too and took taylor and carson to cali with him. this leads up to my chuckle of the day. so dave calls me this morning to tell me that he is taking the girls swimming. later this afternoon he calls me to tell me that taylor forgot her top (or bottom) to her swimsuit and she was in tears so they went to buy her a new swimsuit. at the mall. they look in a million stores--nothing. so finally they are in this one store and taylor finds one she likes (oh yeah--it's not only that they couldn't find a suit--taylor is extremely picky about her clothes!) taylor tells david that the bathing suit is a little expensive. david thinks that this probably means around $50. david tells me "it was kind of expensive". how much? so i start guessing how much. $130. for a 12 year olds bathing suit. so i ask--what store was it? "some boutique i guess." what swimsuit was it? what brand? um yeah--juicy couture! so i say--have you heard of TARGET? um, hello! i think the best part was that he had to spend the whole day in the mall with 2 tweens shopping. welcome to my world my friend!!

so the moral of this story. don't send a man to do a woman's job. and if you're going to buy juicy couture then please let it be on sale or for your wife...L

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

so this is the layout i made for the one little word challenge. which was to use the word stop. as i made this layout i was thinking to myself, you know--i do have other children! {ha} time to start spreading the love around. and i have some cute pictures so there is no excuse. of course my excuse is that haley is my baby and so stinkin' cute! but that all might be changing. during primary class sunday haley and her bff amy were chatting up and touching each other and my co-teacher leaned over and told them to keep their hands to theirselves and listen to the speaker--we were in opening exercises. well, it kept going on so i leaned over to haley and gave her a look and touched her arm and told her to knock it off--at which point she looks right at me and says "keep your hands to yourself." smartie pants...L

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

bloody hell! that is my scrap area. somebody help me!kerry you are needed here! come on--get in the car, get out of the heat and the no ac and get me organized! i know you want to!! hey--i'll even buy you a mickey d's coke! this is what happens every couple of weeks--i mean months! i scrap like a mad woman and walk away. but hey--i forget to put away and clean up until i am no longer able to find a clean area to scrap in. sometimes i have so avoided putting stuff away i have been forced to scrap on the floor--the horror!

anyway--any takers on coming up to cool weather and organizing me? maddy? beth? if kerry poops out? now you know i ain't askin' michelle or shanna--'nuff said! but actually i was able to scrap amidst all that the other night and work on a layout for the OLW challenge and should have it up tomorrow! wish me luck!

in some good news though i have gotten brianne's and jeff's wedding invites done and ordered. so everyone say a little prayer that they come back beautiful--cuz i had some nightmares last night about them and it wasn't pretty. ha ha but don't tell my daughter that cuz then she might have a few nightmares herself!

sending some cooler weather your way...L

Sunday, June 03, 2007

the rest of the album...L

baby album i did for a friend...L

Saturday, June 02, 2007

what's a post w/o pictures? i love the detail of haley's polished worn fingernails. what are a girl's nails w/o some chipped polish?

well,i have been busy, busy, busy. wedding details, son home, school ending, and the list goes on. i have been working on teacher's gifts, brianne and jeff's wedding invite and guest book and doing lots of other things that i can't remember at the moment. but i got a fun day yesterday. david took me to scottsdale and took me shopping. got me lots of fun things for the wedding. i was on cloud 9. i even got jewelry! so i am set for the wedding. can't wait--i am so excited.

other fun things going on here. dallas cooking. yes--my son that only knew how to nuke some nachos and pour a bowl of cereal is now cooking for us. and cleaning up. my son. so for all you moms of small boys--there is hope! he made us lasagne the other night with homemade bechamel sauce. he. made. bechamel. sauce. from scratch! so yummy! i finished it off for lunch today. it is really neat the italian things he has made for us. just simple ingredients. none of this 12 page recipe with about a bazillion ingredients. just a few fresh and simple recipes that are super yummy.

happy sabbath tomorrow...L