Thursday, March 30, 2006

Busy. Busy. Busy. That has been my life all week. Taxes are done finally. All of my photoshop homework is about caught up. Laundry is almost caught up. Now I can take a breather I hope. Just seems my life has been pretty hectic and crazy this week. I need to have some sanity for a while. Sometimes it feels like life is always insane, but I guess I do have some relief in there or I wouldn't be sitting at my computer writing this--I'd be locked up somewhere taking strange pills and eating jello.

Yesterday Haley and I were sitting in the car waiting for David and she had her barbies (4 total) that she was playing with and having conversations with. I grabbed a pen and whatever paper was in my purse and started writing. Here is above said conversations with dolls. I will call it "conversations with dolls".

"can you give me some breakfast and coke?" (no clue where that comes from? ;))
"sure--here you go"
"oh thank you"
"you're welcome"
"how does it go?"
"good" (kisses)
"I like you--you're sparkly"
"mother, can I have some coke?" (again--no clue!)
"sure" (Haley proceeds to give all her dolls drinks)
"mother, I'm sick" (probably all that coke for breakfast!)
"so we have pants at home"
"mother, let's go get some."

That was it--then she noticed me watching her and writing stuff down! Too funny. The funniest thing is that she never calls me mother. That is reserved for play time I guess. The whole time she is playing she intermittently gives her dolls kisses. That's my baby.

I took a class at the gym today called "pumping iron" why they don't rename gym classes by their true meaning is beyond me. It should have been called "come on in suckah and I'll teach you what pain really is!" Actually it was a great class and I didn't go overboard trying to keep up or punish myself. It was dumbells and a bar with weights. You worked out each body part during one song. Great '80's songs too but you were glad when they came to an end. I liked how you can add more weights as you get conditioned. I think I'll take it tomorrow and then the yoga class on Saturday. If I'm still moving that is...L


laura said...

how cute! :)

good for you for going to the gym - i so need to get back to going...

hope you have a great day! :)

ashersjane said...

I love reading your blog! It is so entertaining. Have a great day!

Erica said...

I take that class too..come one sucker you think you can keep up with skinny old trampy me...TRY IT!!!!

Am I bitter.....NAW!