Tuesday, March 21, 2006

back from the beach to...SNOW! What fun--can't believe we celebrated the first day of spring with a snow storm. Much needed and loved. It is still very surreal to see it snow.

California--no other state like it. Beautiful scenery, weather and of course, the ocean. We went to the San Diego zoo, the ocean and the Stephen Birch Aquarium. All very lovely and fun. Debbie and Dennis drove up on Saturday and had a picnic on the beach with us. It only rained on Friday night and a little Saturday morning. It did however pour on us on our way home Sunday. And as we got home it was snowing. The girls got a 2 hour snow delay for school the next day--they loved it! But I do love the ocean. We stayed at Hotel del Coronado--always had a desire to stay there. Built in 1866. so cool!

I will add some more pictures later. Now back home and in the swing of things again. Off to do more laundry...L

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