Wednesday, March 22, 2006

ciao! hey those pictures are too cool. Yea mom lets keep the stories of (deleted to protect the innocent) within the family. I dont even want to know what you tell the members at prescott about me. WEll you guys are really having fun while iam gone, man i should have know that would happen.hahah. Well how is life for all of you. How is the ward in prescott? The members are nice i hope. O yea thank the young women for sending the package it was greatly appreciated, but one question whats with the corn nuts? Is prescott like known for corn nuts or something? You guys send me corn nuts and then they sent me a bunch. Lasciamo perdere. well i still love you guys even if youve become corn nut junkies.haaha Well the mission is going great I was going through a pretty rough period but the Lord has conforted me and has let me know that iam doing fine. Well iam cant wait till conference in april. yea i know that sounds weird but iam excited for conference its kind of funny b/c before i just want to sleep or watch sports. The power of the atonement of Christ is just amazing it can really change anybodys life. I hope you guys still read the scriptures togther and pray togther everynight. It will really help you all stay united and help you confront the trials in your lifes and most of all it will bless the girls the most because they will start a habit reading the scriptures and praying and it will bless them for the rest of their lives. Well I love you all so much and thank you for always being there for me even when i wasnt the perfect son(which was most of the time). Iam going to mail a cd with all my pics from the mission so mom can go crazy with the scrapbooking stuff. ciao

this is what I live from Dallas...L


SHanna said...

You know you're going to be my MIL someday right? BWAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, it must be awesome to see your son's testimony grow as he serves a mission. Looks like you had a BEAUTIFUL time in CALIFORNIA! Have a GREAT DAY! Tammi

Kerry said...

Oh shoot...I really had a nice reply all ready to type out until I saw Shanna's comment!!


Then my mind just went to hell.

Shanna is one sick puppy. ;)

laura said...

kerri and shanna - you guys are BAAAAD!!! (must be why i like you!)

lisa - glad you had such an uplifting message from your son. don't listen to those nutballs! :P where is your son on his mission?