Friday, March 10, 2006

Ok--so there's no snow. Yet. I'm still waiting. I thought I was going to wake up to a blanket of white. Major disappointment. Woke up at 4:30 a.m. and nothing to do so I made myself some hot chocolate (mint) and decided to blog. Couple of things to note. Here they are.

I'm in photoshop class last night at the local college. David is in Temecula. David calls me right during our teacher's presentation last night, not with a regular ring that could be muted--oh no--ON THE WALKIE TALKIE! Which is very loud! I must preface this with the fact that David bought me this phone because I never answered my cell and he joked that this way I had to answer! Anyway I sit at the front (like the good student I am!) and right in the middle of class I hear HELLO? blasting over my cell, which even inside my purse is still very loud! I quickly jump up and dash out of class, only after trying unsuccessfully to mute the darn thing. Still talking on the walkie talkie I remind clueless that I am in class--you remember, the one you dropped? The best part was that Debbie's dogs were going psycho in the background from the loud voice coming over the walkie talkie. No mention of said disruption from anyone in class!

Finally went to the doctor yesterday. The orthopedic doc I should say. My shoulder has been killing me for over a month. The doctor is a neighbor so that made it nice. Told him what was wrong. He tells me I have bursitis. Come again doc? Ain't bursitis an old people's illness? um, yep! Best part--don't get any pain meds--I get a shot of cortisone in my freakin' shoulder! Bloody Hell!! Well, it wasn't too bad and he said he wouldn't hurt me as he didn't want to be run down in the neighbor hood by the big rig! He did put some numbing stuff in it though so for a few hours it felt pretty darn good! Then it wore off. 'nuff said. Hope it gets better soon.

Speaking of physical pain brings me right back to my husband again. J/K. David found out yesterday that a co-worker's mom died. Suddenly and unexpected. He felt bad for him and said that Manny started to tear up telling him. David talked to him and told him how bad he felt about it and that he knew how hard it was. So the good part is that when David is telling me this he told me he wanted to get Manny something--like a gift certificate for dinner so that he could have a night to out and be able to think about something else for a moment. David said that he usually would feel bad for a person that was going through a difficult time and then let it go and not do anything for that person, like most of us do, but this time he actually was going to do something for someone. Very proud of him. I was very moved.

One other thing before I try to lay down and go to sleep for hmmm, about an hour before I have to get up. Haley is so cute right now. Ok, she has always been cute from day one--but right now she's even cuter if that can be possible! She loves to play with dolls, Barbies, polly pockets, etc. She has a huge Dora house that she loves to play with. Well, while she plays with said objects she likes to carry on these long, elaborate conversations. They are cute, funny, downright hilarious! I need a video recorder or a tape recorder to get these. They are involved to say the least. I think my favorite part is when she is playing with the Dora house and rings the doorbell and says "hola". Too cute! That is my mission now--to get those conversations down on paper!

Today is the fun day...L out


Shanna said...

Bloody Hell!!! You are getting old....just admit it!!! And your body is falling apart! Can't wait to play tonight! (if I get to that is!)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you are getting old lady disease. I hope you feel YOUNG again soon. I would love to hear one of your daughters conversations with her toys. Those are always the BEST! Take care, Tammi

Deanna Payne said...

I have been old since I graduated from high school. I have bursitis too! It is painful and hasn't ever gone away. Of course mine isn't bad enough to drive me into the doc for cortisone shots. Are you tough or what?