Saturday, March 11, 2006

Woo Hoo--SNOW DAY! yeah, baby! It's a beautiful thing. I mean we move up from the furnace of hell to this lovely mountain place and then it doesn't snow...whaddup wit dat? So it started raining in Mesa last night and rained all night and Haley and I drove home to a snow storm. OK--technically not a blizzard or anything but I am calling it a snow storm gosh dang it! It has been snowing all day--there is at least a good 4 inches of snow all around. So Haley and I are living it up..movies, hot chocolate, fireplace a'roaring. Gotta love it.

So yesterday was fun. Haley and I drove down to Mesa--said hello to my old bowling team, of which only one was there!! But it was good to talk to Judi. Then Haley and I went shopping and then the fun really started! David had told me he would buy me a right-hand ring--probably because I cried I didn't get anything on V-day and that he never bought me anything, yada, yada, in order to shut me up he told me he would buy me a ring. I found one I liked in the mall and he finally went with me--'course then I wanted to "look" around. So when I went down to Mesa I popped in the jewelry store that I had found a ring before that I loved. Of course said ring was a 2 carat yellow diamond that had two half carat trillion diamonds on each side. $25,000. yep, didn't get it. Probably why I have a lack of jewelry in the first place. Too much expensive taste! So I went in yesterday and found this beautiful pave, white and rose gold way-awesome-unique-totally cool ring. I had the girl write down the info and left the store. I called David on his cell (like a normal person--not on the walkie-talkie boom box) told him I found the ring I wanted. Conversation then went like this: Me--I found the ring I want, D--How much is it? Me--$$$, D--Why don't you just buy it, Me--are you sure? you don't want to get it? D-you're still at the store aren't you? Me--NO! I'm in the car! D--well, go get it honey if you want it. Me--really?, um,OK!! Then I swerved the truck and I think I caused a pile up trying to rush back to the store so I could get me ring!!! Wearing it right now and it is very cool. Later that night D called me to ask if I was mad at him that he didn't buy it himself and I had to get it. Nah, I'll give ya another chance!!! :)

Afterwards Haley and I went to the mall, had lunch, went to our old house and checked it out, dropped cards off at a friend whom was sick in bed, went to the scrap store and then went to Shanna's. We had dinner, scrapped, laughed, doodled--just kidding--I absolutley did NO doodling--I'm anti--doodle. It pains me to say that but it is true. Only if you are a scrapbooker will the above sentence make any sense whatsoever! We had fun and Haley watched the Barbie Rapunzel movie about a gazillion times. The really sad part was that Shanna was singing all the songs whilst she doodled. She does have a nice singing voice so I won't make fun of her. Thanks for tracing my heart!!!!! She does draw a nice heart and she has a good one herself.

Will end this by another deep thought by Jack Handy--courtesy of my daughter whom sent this to me...L

There's always been a good explanation for everything.
When that owl attacked grandma and started biting her
head, at first it didn't make any sense. Why would an
owl attack grandma? But then we found out later: a
mouse was living in her hair.

-Jack Handy

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