Saturday, April 01, 2006

well, couple of things...first, I just found out I'm pregnant!! WOW! Plus, David has decided to move the whole family to Ecaudor where we will be living out our dream of organic farming/missionary work. We have also decided to homeschool all the kids and give up all our worldly possesions to try and live more really LIVE! Not just to exist but explore our relationship to GOD and the world. We are going to call ourselves the "life people" because "the lifers" was already taken! And to say we are just people really doesn't quite cut it! Really--it hardly covers what we as humans really are!!!

APRIL FOOLS!!!! Hope you have a good day!!

hey--where you going with my coach purse??? I was just kidding!!!!

later days...L


Erica said...

HOLY COW WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!

That was cracked! I was thinking that you were either insane or had taken up drinking and blogging simultaneously! I snorted when I read you were pregnant. Good one!

laura said...

roflmao! :D

Shanna said...

I might have believed that whole thing except you lost me at "I'm Pregnant". AND my girls had been saying "April Fool's" since the sun came up yesterday morning! Oh....and your Coach purse???? Yah.....I have it right here. It will make a lovely addition to my purse collection. I am a purse collector....didn't you know? Oh..... wait.... that's not good's soooooo much more than than....I am a PURSE CONNOISSEUR. Besides, it matched my boots so well I had to swipe it. That just means you have to come visit me to get it back.....hooker! :o)

Anonymous said...

THat was a GREAT STORY! I almost believed the pregnant part! You picture on the post below is GORGEOUS! Take care, Tammi