Friday, August 08, 2008

whew...where to start. I'm back. what a whirlwind of a few weeks. i don't know where to start first so i guess i will start at the beginning. Got to utah on saturday where my son picked me up. so good to see dallas. he amazes me. he's so focused and on track with his life it warms a momma's heart. and i found out he reads my blog. so i won't swear today. ha ha. although he needs to post because he's a wise acre like his momma but he's actually funny. LOL

i stayed with brianne and jeff who were in the process of moving. they took me to dinner at cafe rio and it was good. i ate my whole salad that brianne talked me into getting. i got to sleep with brianne in her nice bed while we kicked jeff to the curb, well actually he got the couch. i went to church with them on sunday and they had a really nice ward. full of young 'uns like themselves. i made a point to mention in sunday school that i was needing grandchildren! i'm all about the subtle!

well brianne and i went to the coolest fabric store in the state of utah i'm sure. holy heck it was incredible. i bought some fabric and a cute quilt kit to make. we also went to ikea and got some stuff for brianne and jeff's new place--which is soooo cute! cute stuff at ikea. loved it. plus i also went to the provo temple with dallas, jeff and brianne. that was a nice thing.

then lets move right ahead to the part where brianne tried to kill me. oh yeah. brianne was determined to have me tube down the provo river. anyone else do this? anyone else almost killed? anyone else call it the river of death?? i almost died on the first RAPID! that came up--right under the bridge. then we lost jeff. first we saw his shoes, then his tube, then nothing. so we waited and finally found jeff making his way down the rapid river barefoot. oh--i almost forgot. this "river" is made up of melted snow from the mountain. so to say that the river is cold is like saying a rabid dog is a smidgen dangerous. holy hell--that river felt like i was floating on ice cubes! so after we found jeff, he and dallas decided to go back to the car. i, of course could not let brianne down and decided to keep on tubing. needless to say i made it alive, although not without a few bumps, bruises and slashes. but it was beautiful scenery the entire time and we saw a train wind it's way past us. i told brianne i would do it again. i never said how many years though!!

so while i was up there enjoying my children dave decided that he wanted to come too so he drove up with the girls and we spent some good, quality time with all of our kids. i loved it. then on wednesday they dropped me off at SLC to attend my stamping up convention. OH MY GOSH! that was so much fun. i met a whole new group of friends from florida--hello starfish stampers! we had a blast. convention was so cool. hopefully you have been getting my emails about all the cool new stuff being offered from stamping up. they have partnered with sizzix and are offering a bigshotz that cuts over 50 materials. vinyl, plastic, name it. totally cool. i learned stuff to help my business, did make-n-takes and got some really cool stamp sets. and i now have a business site up http://www.lisa_ubnoske@stamping
everyone can visit my site and soon they will have online ordering available that you can access from my website!

so fast forward to today and all my kids have been in school for a week. ALL MY KIDS. it's so different. quiet. i almost miss them. almost. ha ha they are all doing well and loving their teachers. we have started a routine (yeah--me having a routine!) where they do their homework before dinner. dad makes dinner, kids help clean up. so things are going well. dallas is coming home saturday for a week which will be so fun.

dave and i celebrated our 14th anniversary on wednesday. we had a good time. i love my husband. he does so many things for me and i appreciate them all.

i think this update about covers everything and i will start updating my blog on a regular basis. i want to start having some challenges and fun things on my blog. have a great weekend everyone...L
and thanks to kerry for passing on a great tip on making a photo collage. it worked!


Kerry said...

Can I just say how beautiful your entire family is?? I love the photos, especially that one of all of your girls with the fountain in the background. They've all grown so much.

Taylor looks cool. I like her style. I'd hardly recognize Carson anymore, she looks like a little Gap model. I still think Anna looks like Lisa Loeb (who is gorgeous) and Haley can never take a bad photo. You and Brianne are so pretty too. Oh and waving at Dallas, hopefully he reads the comments occasionally too. ;)

Great update! I know you have been super busy. Good luck on your SU adventures, and HEY watch out, you'll be doing photo collages like crazy now because they are so much fun!

Shanna said...

THIS WAS A GREAT UPDATE LISA! Love all the fun photos! Um.. yah... and about that freezing cold ice ass biting water tubing... I'M OUT!!! I don't do cold very well! LOL Wish I could have seen it though! Sounds like a lot of fun! And can't wait to see some of your Stampin' Up Creations!

Alyssa said...

I think that you should come to Mesa and come visit your adopted chinese child that you have abandoned all these years. Oh, and tell Dave I need a couch. I'm watching TV on the floor. He wouldn't want his favorite daughter living in such poor conditions. :)

Nicole said...

I need to do the photo collage too. You can tell me next week when we meet for lunch. Glad you had a "safe" trip to Utah...

Nick and Ashley said...

Okay, so why wasn't I invited, I may not be the chinese adopted, but I have the beautiful baby.
For real, I love that you got to go spend some quality time with Bri. Tubing... brave woman!

Kaelene said...

THANK YOU!!! Your update made my day! Your photo collage is beautiful . . . you take some amazing photos! And, your hair is shorter than the last time I saw you, but CUTE!
Hope to see you soon! I need a Lisa fix! :)

Dust and Maddy said...

I think tubing is fun! Of course, maybe it was Brianne's subtle way at getting back at you for the kid-pressure. I love that you announced that in RS!