Monday, August 18, 2008

fair warning. a disjointed, stream-of-consciousness post ahead.

first off this. a sweet blog post from my oldest daughter that i love more than anything. she makes me glad that i chose to be a mother.

also, my son left saturday after spending a glorious week with us. another reason to be happy to have chosen to be a mom. i got spoiled rotten by having dallas help the girls with their homework, clean the house, do the dishes and everything else. plus he got his grades from school and they were straight a's again. what a joy. plus i got to talk to his girlfriend which was nice. she seems like a lovely girl and i'm happy that dallas has found someone whom he is happy with.

then dave got me the bigshotz for our anniversary! this is the new stamping up diecut machine that stamping up came out with at convention. what a treat. i can't wait to start using it. there are so many cool things to do with it and new diecuts from stamping up that will be so fun.

i made that the gift bag from a regular white bag and put some patterned paper on it and used one of the make-n-takes from convention to decorate it. that sock monkey stamp is pretty cool and made that gift for anna's friend even sweeter.

i tried finding some of the pics i took with my phone from convention to upload but i am the worst at remembering where i put things on my computer! anyway i wanted to show some of my new friends that i met and how much fun we had together. and to let them all know that right now i am drinking a double cranberry on the rocks! suebee ordered one of those for me at the bar while we were awaiting a card swap and i think they got a big kick out of it! i know i did. anyway--a shout out to my florida friends!

and also, my sister-in-law has a blog!
it's just getting started but she has some cool things that she is starting to sell. she makes things out of vintage wallpaper and other antique finds. she lives in eugene oregon and we love to go visit. although it's rare. but i miss seeing her and her husband and their sweet daughter katherine and wish we lived closer. ok, twist my arm i'll move to oregon! ha

well, this post really has no point other than to say hey. and have a good week...L


Gail said...

Hey Lisa,
Thanks so much for the shameless plug, I just love those!
I like the direction of your "new" blog, fashion and all. It's something I need to think about more, even though I'm ancient now, still want to look good.....
Have fun with your Bigshotz, looks fun!

Kerry said...

I love that photo of you! Happy belated anniversary!

Hey, and obviously you need to be drinking more of those cranberry things. Just sayin'.

Kaelene said...

Hey, fun stuff for anniversaries?? Great idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you mentioned me in your blog! Love your sock monkey stuff. I had my SU Open House this past Friday evening and Saturday morning, people are interested and have signed up for my newly scheduled Stamp Camps! Happy anniversary, enjoy your Big Shot! those double cranberries on the rocks are healthy! You go, Girl! Suebee