Thursday, August 21, 2008

ok. i got some projects done this week. the first is a card i made for my new stamping up buddies from florida. hopefully they will get them this week. i made these cards with SU carousel notes, 1" double-stitched ribbon and flight of the butterfly stamp. i also added some bling-bling glitter. then i made a layout of haley with some more stamping up elements. i used their summer kit which came with pp, cs, stickers, etc. i added the QK tangerine font and used my photoshop skills to print out the "right now" at the top. that is one of ali edwards digital words that i bought at designer digitals. so fun to finally figure out how to make use out of the fun digital stuff that is out there. i was inspired by one of karla dudley's layout over on her blog create something today.

then i had volunteered to make art aprons for haley's class. i had some leftover material and just cut out some aprons and sewed them together. that was fun to do and i can't wait for the kids to get to use their aprons and make art! haley keeps thinking they are all hers and now has decided that for her birthday everyone should have an apron and make art. i think that is a great idea.

i am also suffering from a UTI. big time. it has really kicked my butt and i am hoping to get better soon. i bought a case of peaches at bashas and i need to can those!! oh kerry--wish you were here since you wanted to learn to can. but i will post it here on my blog so you can see.



Kerry said...

adorable card as usual! You are the queen of those now you know.

LOVE your take on the karla layout! Those stinkin overlays and brushes are so addicting aren't they???

Oh my gosh and those aprons are to die for. Can I be in Haley's class?!?!?!?

Sorry you are still suffering. :(

angieinpink said...

Do you do everything? Talent just oozzes from you...beautiful projects!

UTI's kill dude. Take care.

Beth said...

Ack- for some reason, the text isn't loading for me and I can only see the photos, but going by Angie's comment and your comment on my blog, I get the idea. Hope the fire in your pants cools down soon!

I'm loving all of your projects!

Kaelene said...

Don't you wish they had a fireman specifically designated to help care for "fire crotch"?? I'm sorry that you are sick!
But, maybe if you stop trying to show everyone up with your massive skills . . . LOL
Which card did Beth make? ;)

Gail said...

You have got to sign that Haley up with a modeling agency...she's just too cute! Great cards, please give hugs to everyone.....

Shanna said...

girrrrrrrl! I hope that fire goes out soon! I heart you! And all your amazing projects! That layout is my FAVE and the card too! Aprons... omigosh! You have my new mailing addy right? Wink!

Oh... and Brienne is a doll!

Rachel said...

Love the card and the layout! Great job and it is making me see clearly that stampin' up and I need to friends lol.

To answer your ? on my blog... the tattoo says "Drew" (hubbys name) with a treble clef in front of the name and its all in my handwriting.

Sorry youre suffering with a UTI, I know all too well how NOT fun those are.

Hope to see you sometime soon... the store got some new stuff in and I have already done my damage lol. We'll have to crop sometime soon :)

Have a great weekend! :)

Dust and Maddy said...

You made those aprons for her entire class? They are so cute. Stop being such a freaking over achiever! Maybe your crotch is on fire as punishment?