Tuesday, August 19, 2008

sorry for the small pic!

so the other day shanna and kerry and i were talking via email and shanna mentioned something about fashion. and i love fashion. i like to look at magazines, blogs and catalogs. i love to know what is "in" and what the trends are and just like seeing what colors are "hot." so i have decided to throw in some fashion in my blog once in a while. i also want to throw in some sewing, cooking and craft stuff. i've let my blog get stale and uninteresting. and i want to "kick it up a notch!" <------feel free to kill me for that cliché! ha

so first up is fashion and we have here a tolani scarf as found on pink mascara one of my fave online stores to look at fashion. now mind you i don't buy anything from there as we're on a budget freeze here at the ubnoske household. i haven't ever bought anything from there. but it's fun to look! and besides everyone knows that target will have a knock off that you can buy a lot cheaper! and that is a cute one on jessica alba. and look at her long bead necklace and cute skinny jeans. and gotta love that hat!

one place that i absolutely love now is urban outfitters. a really cool store that you can get fun stuff that is on the less expensive side. i saw a cute hat there that would look great with that scarf. and don't be afraid to wear things cuz you are a mom now or older or anything else. i'm 45 and still fearless in my wardrobe. do i make mistakes? hell yeah. but i have fun too. and my two teenagers come and steal from my closet on a regular basis.

so my challenge to you today is to find something online or in a catalog that you wouldn't normally wear but love anyway. then go and buy it. if you have the money go for it--or find a cheaper version at ross, target, etc. or put it on a christmas or birthday wish list. but have fun. you only live once...L


Kerry said...

How did you get that photo of me?

I've always loved your creative style. I am jealous that you can make things look cute, and I look...um, stupid. But you've inspired me!! I am looking forward to winter around here with HATS!!!

Kaelene said...

I'm just jealous cuz I can't wear a hat . . . ANY hat . . .my huge noggin is too big to bring further attention to its planetoidness!

Dust and Maddy said...

Please come and take me shopping. I need your fashion help.