Tuesday, August 12, 2008

so i have been watching the 2008 olympics since it started. even the opening ceremonies--awesome! i remember watching the olympics every four years as a child and how fun it was sitting around as a family watching people who have dedicated their lives to this one moment in time. fascinating. the talent, the skill, the dedication, the muscles. amazing. but i haven't watched the olympics for a few years now. oh i watched here and there, but not the entire thing.

this year has been different. anna and carson wanted to watch it from the beginning and so we all started watching it and have been hooked. it's completely fantastic. i love it. watching the US men's swim relay team win in like 1/800 of a second. watching the US beach volleyball girls keep winning. and the gymnastics. what can i say. the girls and i were watching the men's gymnastics and every other second it was "ohhh, ahhh, can you believe that? ohhh, ahhh." until dave finally said "at least the girls beach volleyball is on next!" ha

so here's a video of the men's victory in the swimming relay. it's so good. such an "olympic moment!" a must see thing. over and over.


have a great week...L


Kaelene said...

ya, I'm pretty much addicted to the Olympic high! Their dedication and drive is truly inspirational!

Dust and Maddy said...

I LOVED that relay. Maybe they could replay it every night?

Shanna said...

LOVVVVVVVE the olympics! Esp the beach volleyball!

Kerry said...

You mean there are events OTHER than equestrian??? ;)