Saturday, August 23, 2008

a picture heavy post. beware.

brianne and jeff's new apartment. so cute. the apartment and the couple. only thing missing? MY GRANDCHILD!

their cute bedroom. where my grandchild could be conceived. hopefully soon.

the horrors--brianne's true feelings about alcohol are shown here. hee hee
well, not really. we went hiking up the hill right behind the salt lake city capitol and there is a cool park where they have a "this is the place" marker. not really the place where brigham young said "this is the place" but it was really pretty. and on the way back down to the car brianne was picking up all the trash and of course i had to get this photo!

this was my roomate and friend nancy from the SU convention. she was/is wonderful and we had a great time. the funny thing is that she told her friends (the group from florida that i was in) that if i was weird she was not staying in the room with me--and i had given david her name in case she was a serial killer. needless to say we roomed together!! she was no serial killer but i give her credit for staying with me even after she found out that i was/as weird! LOL

these are some cards i made for a friends birthday and the simple layout i made with my photo collage. SU paper and a gold frame i've hoarded for ages.
another card i made with mostly SU products for my friend Erin.

and peaches!!! they got canned yesterday. Erin wanted to learn how to can peaches so we did this yesterday. i hope they turned out because i'm still sick--i guess brianne told me that the medicine i'm taking cures the UTI but makes you sick. nice trade-off. and speaking of brianne--when i called her when i first suspected i had the dreaded UTI i was asking her what her symptoms had been. she is asking me questions and asks "have you had sex?" um, since before you were born missy! oh--it just made me laugh. and then cry cuz obviously i am lacking grandchildren because my child doesn't know that you can get children from sex. so brianne--sex leads to children and horrible UTI's!! now go forth and


Dust and Maddy said...

HA HA HA HAAAAA "Have you had sex?" Oh my gosh, that it hilarious. Good thing you straightened her out. Maybe now the children will just start falling out of her womb.

I love the room mate story too. That must be so scary rooming with someone you've never met. I can't believe she didn't bail once she met you ;p

Kaelene said...

Lisa, I thought you gave your kids the "birds and the bees" talk at age 7??? What happened with Bri?? LOL
I can see where it would be interesting to room with a COMPLETE stranger! Good thing there's nobody stranger than you, huh??? :)
Love the layout/cards!