Monday, August 25, 2008

my first digital layout. i can't believe i did it. it was so fun too. the best part? all the stuff i used was freebies. and no clean up! that was actually the best part.
2peas future rock star digital kit, jessica sprague grunge frame.

still working on cleaning up the scrap area and it's coming along fine. i'm at least 1/2 way there. but it's a good day today. i started my healthy living/lose weight plan today. i have the formula for maintaining your weight without exercising. you take your weight (or desired weight) and times it by 10 then add your weight. so if 135 is your desired weight it goes like this. 135x10=1350+135=1485. and i plan on writing down everything i eat for the day. so far so good!

so my challenge for you this week is to start something you have been putting off. reading a book, starting an exercise program, learning a new skill. whatever. the older i get the more i realize that you can let life pass you by or you can challenge yourself to accomplish your goals. and with half of my life over i am determined to make the most of what i have left in this life. so have fun this week and do something for yourself...L


Kerry said...

I accept your challenge of learning a new skill. That is why I keep asking you the digital questions. You are my new tech man.

I love the layout!

Anonymous said...

Love the layout. So many fun pics below. GREAT challenge and goal. Good luck, Tammi

Dust and Maddy said...

I don't know about that calorie thing. I think I ate that much for breakfast.

The digi scrapping is cool. Mainly the no clean up! HA HA!

Kaelene said...

hey, have I seen that layout before?????????? ♥

Beth said...

Super cute!
Good luck on the clean-up project. I really should challenge myself to finish painting one of the bathrooms upstairs. That's been a work-in progress for about six months now, blue tape and half painted walls and all... :O

Gail said...

Hey Lisa!
Great post, I'm with ya, I'll be starting my new workouts (with a trainer this time) after Katherine goes back to school...can't wait to get going on it.
Also starting to eat healthier stuff, and I can't believe I tackled cleaning and organizing my studio today. It really needed it.
Now I can start making some Halloween things, my favorite!
Take care,