Wednesday, September 20, 2006

well, this is my last post for a little while. i am really sad about not being able to load pictures up--i have tried a lot of different things but to no avail. i even tried the free typepad and couldn't get pictures up there either. sorry to disapoint my 1.5 readers but it's no fun w/o being able to put up pics and layouts--which i can't stitch anymore anyway cuz the new computer puts my scans somewhere heinous that i can't figure out either. i am not a computer whiz. anway--this frees up about 10 more minutes to work on the other areas of life--like cleaning a scrap area that looks like a major tornado went through and then came back again cuz it didn't do enough damage the first time!

lisa out

ok--just realized that my spelling check won't work either--bloddy heel!


Shanna said...

I hope I am the WHOLE reader instead of the 1/2 a one!!!! Hey!!! I might come up there to scrap with ya next weekend if that's still okay!!! Can I bring ALL my stuff??? Then we will get this blogging thing figured out!!! BLOODY HEEL!!!! LOL

Beth said...

Bloody Heel? Sounds like a personal problem... ;)

I'm sorry you're such a computer idjit, Lisa. This half reader will miss you. :( Hopefully, you can get your act together and start posting again! ;)

Come back soon!!!!

Lisa said...

um yeah--you can still come, but only bring 1/2 your stuff!! HA


Kerry said...

Bloody heel! Ouch!

so who is the 1/2 reader? ;)

Lisa, you CANNOT not keep up with your blog. It gives me something to do!

Lisa said...

kerry--i just freed up some time for you to go to target!! ;)

Amy O said...

Its OK Lisa, we'll keep reading until you figure out your camera and computer! Don't you dare go anywhere! Bloddy Heel!

Nicole said...

I just had my computer reformatted. That's computer talk for start all over again. I am ready to drop kick my computer. Hang in there, Hey, have Anna try to fix it, you never know!