Monday, September 11, 2006

so i am back from Creative Escape. Holy hell that was a good time! Can't believe how much "free" stuff we got--except Shanna kept reminding me that it wasn't "free", we actually paid for it!! well, party pooper--I still think it was free! Everything was sooooo thought out--such cute little details and fun stuff--pink popcorn, pink bubblebath, fun RAK's in the class, cute nametags. my favorite thing was the ice cold pop with GLASSES and ICE in every class room. thanks--can't live without my soda fix. also loved the fact that they gave us 30 minutes in between classes which was nice so i didn't feel rushed. great classes and wonderful roomie and what else--oh, just wait until i get my pictures up--i feel i might have a few BAD ones of shanna that might have to go up...Shalom...L


Kerry said...

It sounds like it was a great weekend!! I can't wait to see all of your projects and hear all about it!

Soda? Man, I don't know that I would have gotten anything done!!! ;) That is a cool idea!

Later chica!

Beth said...

Can't wait to see the super secret projects! So glad you guys had fun! I guess the rest of us will have to join you next year! ;)

I'm exclamation point happy today; can ya tell?!!!!

Dust and Maddy said...

I love pictures!!!!!!!!

Hurry hurry! Get them up

Shanna said... could be war Lisa!!!! I have "some more" photos that might have to go on my blog too!!! LOL

Why do you think those aren't good pictures I posted anyway??? I think you look HOTTTTT!!!! Shalom!!

laura said...

welcome back! i'm glad you guys had so much fun - can't wait to see some of what you did.