Saturday, September 23, 2006

can you believe it? seeing is believing! i actually got a picture up!! Thanks, beth and firefox!! and thank the man in this picture with the mohawk for getting the firefox up and running for me!! love you...L

more pictures to follow now--i am a happy girl! :)


Kerry said...

Yay! Lisa is back!! Look at how cute you two are! The mohawk cracks me up. I still think that you are that 'couple' from the news that were growing 'plants' in their yard from Prescott. Hmmm. ;)

I told you that Beth was the techno person to talk to. She knows computers!

Anonymous said...

You are one HOTT lady. So your growing now are you..are you gonna cut me in or what????

laura said...

sweet mohawk! :P

wow - you grow pot? that is so rebelious! i thought you seem kind of stoned at the crop.

Lisa said...

hmmm, very funny everyone--see what you started kerry!!! yeah--if you look to the left of me you might recognize a plant. erica--no shippy the product to canada! :(

gosh--i'm getting hungry!

in italy a mohawk is "la cresta!"

Beth said...

Yay! So glad it worked!!