Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ok--LUKAS rocks!!! tune in tomorrow night to see him win! i do have to say that Dilana is a close second--her Roxanne song was off the charts! if she wins i might forgive 'em. but toby and magni gotta go!

on a funny sort-of-related sidenote, and as a shout out to beth, i have my own supernova rock star--it's anna--my always singing child--a few days ago she is singing her own version of "video killed the radio star" but to let all of you know--it's "video killed the radio STORE" just in case you didn't know--FYI beth--let your kids know asap!

so onto fun news about my missionary boy--(yeah--i can so talk about rockstars and missionaries in the same post!) my son emailed us this week that he got to take a p-day and go and see the formula one car race. it's very loud in case anyone was wondering!!! then later him and his companion went to mcdonalds to eat and he felt impressed to stick around after they had finished eating. he ended up running into a woman that he had taught in his very first area with his first companion and then she had moved and they lost contact! she was so excited to see him and ran over and yelled "anziano gilbert!!" he was extremely happy to see her and they now have an appt. to go see her. so proud i am of that one!

not much else--got the big scrapbook convention to go to this weekend. must get sleep. and shanna you are sooo lucky--still can't get my pictures to load to this piece of crap blog!!! i even changed browsers and disabled the firewall. such is life...L

oh yeah--any ideas whom won't be winning rockstar supernova? yeah, that would be shanna belting out "you light up my life" at creative escape--um, she even did it again after i threatened to put a paper piercer in her heart! so shanna will not be touring with tommy lee this year(even though she's sportin' enough tattoos to look like his love child!) ha ha

(go lukas!) :)


Beth said...

Oh, Lisa. Lisa Lisa Lisa. How could you possibly like Lukas? He's such a little leprechaun. Or a rooster. Check out how he struts around the stage with his hair flapping. Yep- he looks just like a rooster. SQUAK!

And I completely agree that he's going to win! Which is fitting, because he has about as much talent as Supernova!! Magni, Toby and Dilana are too good for them, so I hope they all "lose". ;)

Michelle said...

I'm with Lisa! Well about the Lukas part. He's the single only person ON THE PLANET who can make a wink look creepy. EWW!!

Dilana (if Tommy doesn't impregnate her first) is going to win. That girl was MADE for this part. made I say.

Magni is for sure out. Even if he makes it tonight the band will NEVER pick him. They just hate him for some reason. I don't get it, I think he's alright. Better than Toby.

speaking of Toby, he's GOT TO GO. Wipe off that "I wanna be a rockstar" eyelines and brush that pretty boy hair they was it's supposed to be and front boys to men or something. The hard core rock god he is not!

Have I mentioned I hate Lukas? hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaate! :)

Shanna said...


Oh and tell Dallas that my sis Hillary will be anxiously waiting for a date upon his return home from the mission! XOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

LISA, I LOVE SUPER NOVA! I think it could be anybody at this point. I do like BETH's Vision of LUKAS the ROOSTER! He does bug me but he has TALENT! FO-SHORE! Tammi

Beth said...


Deanna Payne said...

Dang! I wanted to see the pictures. Oh well, bet it was super fun. I wish I could have been there.

Glad to hear Dallas is doing well.