Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Well its been a while since Ive done one of these. Well I had a pretty fun experience last week. We went to this investigators house and a man gave us this flyer for a interreligious prayer for the peace in the world. We took and we were just like ok we gotta get to this appointment. So we went and read Enos and talked about prayer and hungering or desiring the anwser. then we after the lesson we asked the investigator if she wanted to go to the pray for the peace event thing and shes like yea lets go. So we went and there was muslims , scientologists , cattolici, protestant and buddihists all doing there prayers and talking to us about peace. Then something in my heads like what would you say if you had to talk about the peace. So I thought about it and finished thinking about it then this guy that help raise this event grabs me and is like your the mormons right? Would you like to come up and tell us about the importance of peace in your church. I was like o... ok. So I went up there and they introduced me and I did a little speal on peace and how we should pray so that we can be instruments for the peace and that we need peace in the family with husbands and wifes and children before we can go outside and pray for world peace. Yea maan I kow that was the prompting of the spirit that helped prepare me for the oppurtunity to get our church known over here and if it werent for the spirit I would have peed my pants in front of everyone and ran away crying. Yea the spirit rocks. D&C 8:2-3

con affetto
Anziano Gilbert

that was my email today from my son. you just have to know dallas--so anti public speaking! so proud of him and all he has done and learned on his mission. i'm telling you--this is not the same boy that lived in my home!!!! :) so i of course had to post the pic with him holding the cutest little girl and a peace sign. peace out everyone--it begins at home...L


Anonymous said...

Lisa, you must be so proud. That brought tears to my eyes. I can only imagine how close you are to the spirit on a mission, what a lucky thing! Have a GREAT DAY! Tammi

Michelle said...

crap! it starts at home??? I'm in big trouble!!!

seriously, that's way cool!!!

Lisa said...

michelle--you crack me up girlfriend!

laura said...

lol michelle!

what a good boy you have, lisa. i'm a little slow on the uptake - i thought YOU were the one speaking at first! lol!! took me a second.

it's late - i think i should go to bed!

Anonymous said...

IS he your son????

Yous houdl be proud..thats awesome!

Shanna said...

Yay! That's awesome girl!

This "home" you speak it the same one you wanted a vacation from yesterday???? BWAHAHA!!!!

Lisa said...

yeah shanna--true peace comes to the home when everyone is gone!! HA HA

Dust and Maddy said...

Aww, thanks for sharing that with us. What a great kid!