Thursday, October 23, 2008

ok--so this was another baby album i did for my sweet ex-next door neighbor ashley. she and her husband nick have the sweetest little girl and when i went to her baby shower i told her that A) she could have the top daughter honor spot for having a baby before brianne and B) brianne would be put on double-secret probation for not giving me the grandchild i so deserve and C) i would make her a baby album.

she had a baby and i finally got around to making the album this summer. oh--and she did have a lovely daughter which they named adelaide lou. is that not the cutest name for a girl? i want to re-name myself that. would anyone have a problem with it? i love it. and it is much better than the names taylor has picked out for her children. zaden, zaya and a few others i can't remember. anyhoo--at this point i will take a grandchild with any name. really, i'm that easy to please!

i never posted this album because it actually sat at my house for a month or more before i mailed it. so i didn't want to post pics until ashley actually saw it in person first. so ashley couldn't see it first on my blog and think--that album sucks and then a month later get it in the mail and discover it was hers. but i think she likes it. she has to email me pics of it when she fills it up though.

going for a hike up granite mountain tomorrow. i have been for a 5K walk the last two mornings so i'm hoping i can make it to the top...L


Nicole said...

Good luck on your walk. Go Girl!!

Kaelene said...

Enjoy your walk! How's everything else going?

Brianne said...

What the heck? Where is my wedding album? I'm on probation when I watched your children. I have at home a recorded tally sheet of how many times you said that you would be back in an hour and I spent 8 hours watching the girls, and cleaning, and shrinking your couch covers so I don't want any more lip sista.

Ashley Harris said...

What a great album you! Fabulous.

Shanna said...

LMAO at Brianne. Cept for the calling you "sista" part. That's just wrong. LOL

Love that baby album online but it's sooooooooooo much cuter in person! These photos don't do it justice!

Have fun walking!

Gail said...

So very cute, I'm loving that album! Who wouldn't?

Kerry said...

I looooove that album!

I thought for sure you had made a second one for brianne, but forgot to tell everybody that she was pregnant. Only to find out that she isn't at all. Sigh. poor Lisa. ;)

I bet you'll get to make one someday. ;)

Nick and Ashley said...


Stamp said...

I am loving all of your mini books.