Sunday, October 12, 2008

i had a photo shoot this weekend. maddy and dustin and the kids came up to prescott this weekend. they came in thursday night and hung out for a while and let their kids play with anna and haley. the next morning we went to their hotel and let the kids swim in a heated pool. that afternoon we went to take some pictures. it was a little windy. to put it mildly. but we had fun and i got some pictures and then we ate dessert! all in all a nice day. so i am working on the pictures maddy...L


Brianne said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I might just get pregnant so you can take our pictures:)

Kaelene said...

I am so amazed that Sadie is still so blonde!!
Great job, Lisa! And how fun for Maddy's cute little family, to come and visit you! :)
And, hey, if Brianne is gonna talk like that, take some more cute baby photos for inspiration!

Dust and Maddy said...

OH SO SO SO CUTE!!! My sweet little girls are so cute. I think Brianne is kind of a booger for always teasing you like this ;p

We had so much fun! Thanks for entertaining us and directing us everywhere. How did you manage to capture nate's personality so perfectly in ONE photo?? It's PERFECT! I was pretty sure every picture of him was going to be awful. You are so talented!!!!

Anyway, I could gush some more, but thanks for making me look like a super model!

Michelle said...

dang, maddy does look like a super model. I only wish I could hate her ;)


Kerry said...

Those look great!! When did Sadie grow up? She doesn't look like a little baby anymore! She's a little girl!!!!

Maddy, dang. She does look like a shampoo model or something! I pass my "Fabulous hair" title on to her now!

Lisa said...

maddy's only concern was to make her look good. "i don't care what anyone else in my family looks like as long as i look fabulous" is a direct quote! LOL

brianne--put your baby where your mouth is. or something like that.