Wednesday, October 15, 2008

no pictures. sorry maddy. just some funny happenings around here. and i haven't been high on the funny scale lately. but brianne sent me an old email that i laughed about. and my kids have been funny lately. and this is where i remind myself about it and "get it down on paper."

so sunday i gave a lesson in primary (i teach haley's class) on making wise choices. so the whole lesson was on wise and foolish choices. it made an impression on haley because since then she has made it a point to let me know who in the family is making foolish choices. taylor not sharing her rice krispie treat--foolish choice. so last night she came in and said "mom, remember about the lesson in primary was?" (i totally understand this) i said "yes, about the wise and foolish choices" haley immediately answers "yes, foolish--that is what choice anna just made!" ha ha

later that evening as i am getting haley in bed i scoop her up in my arms and ask her "why do i love you so much?" and she answers--because i'm your baby. "oh yes, you're my baby. but why else do i love you?" and she says--because i am your peanut-ness. she melts me. this child could seriously be the worst behaved, most self-centered, stinky-acting child in the world. cuz she seriously gets the "baby-of-the-family" treatment. but no, she's just too stinking cute and sweet.

oh yeah. another hot topic lately. politics. brianne and i have had some fun political talks lately. and i love to discuss them with her. because really--we pretty much diverge into separate political arenas but we can discuss things like mature adults. and she was telling me of a woman who went into her bishop for an interview and the bishop asked her "do you choose the right?" and the woman answered "of course, i'm a republican!" ha ha i did think that was funny. SO, SO WRONG. but funny. and i have a lot of republicans in my family. gail, i know you're reading this! ha ha and all of my side of the family is republican. and my two oldest children. but i'm happy to say that if you ask any one of my girls here at home whom they are voting for--you will get an OBAMA answer! excpet once in a while anna will yell out "mcCain" and start laughing. we do talk about politics here and what the propositions are and what they mean. but my kids know they can make up their own minds about what they think is the right choice. even though they can't vote yet i think it is good to get discussions going about the issues at hand.

one other funny thing. i have been applying for some jobs online and found out that U-Haul is hiring here. so i applied online and they had a few "tests" that they run you through. and i know it's been a while since i have been out there in the work field or applied for anything. but really, is it that bad? i think all of the test questions had to do with drinking, drugs, stealing and fighting. yes, fighting. How often do you fight? do you enjoy watching others fight? how often have you had to fight someone? have you ever wanted to hit someone? ok--well if i'm being honest then yes, i have wanted to hit someone! then the drinking questions--do you A) drink while on the job B) while driving C) just before going to work. i was wondering how i could choose all of the above! ha ha
then the drug questions. now i understand this. but they had drug names on there that even I did not recognize. poppers, crank, snow, tranks, bennies, opium, crack and other assorted illegal substances were on there. do people admit to this? does u-haul have a problem with hiring cage fighters hopped up on tranks and poppers drinking at work? if so i should have no problem getting a job...L

and p.s.--make a wise decision and vote obama!!!


Nicole said...

I think it would be a foolish choice to hire someone who is partial to bennies. I think Haley would agree.

Kerry said...

Hahahaha! I love the 'foolish choice' stories!! Sweet Haley, I want to eat her up!

You are a democrat?! Who knew?! LOL! You Obama mamma.

Kaelene said...

I LOVE the choices story! Too cute! At least you know she was listening!!
Hey, if U-Haul is okay with all of those things, I know someone who could qualify for a job . . .oh, but wait, it doesn't say anything about shoplifting???

Brianne said...

You murderer of LOVE! Say yes to McCain. Okay, why don't you send Miss Peanut-ness on up here. And go Anna, she knows the truth!

Dust and Maddy said...

WHAT? Your life doesn't revolve around me?? I'm SHOCKED!

I hope you find a job you like and one where they don't kill you or anything ;p

GOBAMA! See -- I listened to your lesson! I am making good choices!

Nick and Ashley said...

Wow, after all the nastyness of debates, I don't want either of the canidates, do you think I'm too late to run?