Tuesday, October 14, 2008

a few more pictures of the rogers clan. i think some of them were even glancing in my direction when i took the pictures. ha ha

i went to the church employment specialist tonight. anna and haley went with me. we were discussing the lack of employment right now. i told him i was looking for something like a receptionist, M-F, and that ideally i wanted something i could do while the girls were in school. me and a million others he said. he named some places that were hiring and gave me some information on resum├ęs, how to apply for jobs, etc.

i'm thinking i should hand out my own information when applying for a job. something along the lines like--hey, i know you are hiring me for a job--i am a hard worker. but i don't like people telling me what to do all the time. so if you could just give me a list of my responsibilities and then like, skidaddle i think i'm your man. and try not to interrupt me during the day. i don't like that. and if my responsibilities change you can just email me. cuz i'm not too hip on the whole talky-talk thing. dave and brianne said that the only job that would totally be up my alley is on a weigh station on mars. i could be up there all by myself. come back to earth once a month and not have to deal with anyone. last time i checked, mars is not hiring...L

oh yeah--a couple of funny things happened with the employment specialist. he told anna that she looked like someone with her glasses. anna is like, who? he tells her--you look like sarah palin. dude. you so didn't just tell this obama votin' momma her daughter looks like palin. ha ha it cracked me up. and then when he is reading off the list of jobs available he says someone is looking for a nanny. anna is all--mom could you be a nanny? um, anna--i am a nanny. i just don't get paid at this gig! LOL


Shanna said...




I am soooooooooooooo wishing we were in AZ so you could take our family photos girl!

Every last one of the Rogers family is BEAUTIFUL!!!


Anonymous said...

SO gorgeous! I love that sweater vest. Gorgeous job.. I know poor Taylor only has 2 more weeks until freedom from this torture.Take care, Tammi

Kerry said...

You so have to teach Anna to say, "I can see Russia from my house!" LOL!!

No no no... Not Palin, she looks like an adorable Lisa Loeb. Palin?? Seriously, where did he get that from?!?!?

I bet there was some smoke coming from your ears though.

LOVE the photos!! Mmm, I can feel that warm AZ sun in those photos. The one with the wagon is SO desert too!! That looks like the coveted Christmas card photo that Maddy likes so much!

Brianne said...

The Rogers family is way cute. Anna does look like Palin! Know wonder I recognized that adorable face somewhere. Okay, you should go do the nanny job, seriously!!! That would be perfect. I'm laughing though on your qualifications, like mother like daughter.

Gail said...

Gosh, I thought I had you pegged as a McCain/Palin gal, shows how wrong I can be...just delete the email I sent you......
Great pics you've taken, hope you find some work, it's really tough right now but I know you'll find something.

Dust and Maddy said...

Awwww, I think I love you. Well, we all know I have a total girl crush on you, but maybe now it's a girl OBSESSION1