Wednesday, October 22, 2008

happy birthday and an acrylic album.

happy birthday to lisa. not me. there is another lisa in my life. dallas' girlfriend. she is 21 today. i have never met her. but she is lovely to talk to on the phone. and she's going to marry my son so she gets points for taking him off my hands and trying to civilize him. good luck with that. so happy birthday from your future mother-in-law and future grandmother of your beautiful children--all eight of them! LOL and this card will be in the mail shortly!

next up is the acrylic album i made for the class i will be teaching in november at my lss. it was fun and i used some pics of my girlfriend that just had her baby. yeah, she didn't like the pic of her. but hey--it's a newborn hospital pic and you are supposed to look drunk. anyway that was my first acrylic album to do and i had fun with it. hopefully it will be fun to teach as well.

and now i am out of here with a million other things to do...L


Brianne said...

Beautiful album, and if you haven't heard, Dallas says he's only having two kids, so I'm still going to best him for the favorite child award.

Shanna said...




I am in love with that album Lisa!!!! Wow! Can't wait to hear how the class goes! YAY!!!

Kerry said...

Happy birthday to Lisa, the hopefully soon to be daughter in law of my friend Lisa. I guarantee a very cool mother in law!

That album is so dang cool too!! I LOVE IT!!! I love that it is red, which is so not typical for a baby album. Leave that to you to be out of the box like that. I love it!! And the photos are great too. Your friend is nuts. ;)

Nick and Ashley said...

Okay, so nothing is official yet, is it? And for goodness sake, when are you going to meet the girl?
By the way the album you sent me still is the best. :)

Christine said...

Wow, I am loving that album. You did such a wonderful job with that acryllic pages. Happy Birthday,Lisa! (the other Lisa, I mean. :))

christinescraps said...

Love it!