Thursday, October 16, 2008

8 things tag. only i'm gonna make mine 7. cuz it's my favorite number and it's my blog. and i can do whatever the hell i want. ha ha

posted this on her blog and i thought it was cool. and i have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE TO DO. yeah, right.

7 things...

7 current obsessions--

1) photoshop
2) eating healthy
3) reading
4) looking for a job
5) learning
6) trying to sleep
7) finding balance in my life

7 phrases i use often

1) shoot me now
2) there you go
3) kill, kill all the men
4) bloody hell
5) it is what it is
6) ____ it (you can fill in the blank!) ha ha
7) be the change agent

7 things i want to do before i die

1) be a grandma--why is this so difficult??
2) make a soufflé
3) hike down the grand canyon
4) make a quilt
5) learn to knit
6) go hangliding
7) did i already mention grandma??

7 things i've learned from my past

1) hell, i haven't learned anything!
2) i'm strong
3) life is short
4) kids grow up
5) and don't give you grandchildren
6) it's not the destination, it's the journey
7) what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

7 places i would love to go or see

1) italy
2) south of france
3) london
4) turkey
5) austria
6) switzerland
7) ireland

7 things i currently need or want

1) grandbaby
2) a job
3) a clean house
4) new shoes
5) cold weather
6) more time
7) sleep

so there you go. 7 random, tongue-in-cheek, mostly true answers. have a great weekend everyone...L


Kaelene said...

Well, Brianne, I think that you need to stop teasing your mother, and just have a baby! She wants to be a grandma, can't you see?? And, wouldn't it be fun to take a 4 generation shot with your grandparents??
Great post, Lisa, because it is TOTALLY you! ♥

Kaelene said...

Oh, but Brianne, you'd better follow Brooke Shields' advice, and "have a baby for love . . . !" LOL

Brianne said...

Mom, Dallas isn't even married yet. I don't know why you are pressuring him. Oh, me, you mean me...well, the truth is...I was going to wait...but I'm not pregnant and I think that we should hike the Grand Canyon Thanksgiving time!!!

Gail said...

Too cute, I'm definitly sensing a theme......