Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Got an email from my son today--he totally rocks!!!! Here is the email:

Hey its been a while since ive written one of these soo yea I decided I better write all of you today. Well the conferece was a blast. We didnt get see all of it because on saturday our ride to the church in Vercelli cancelled on us and didnt tell us until it was time to leave for the conferece and the trains that were departing didnt arrive untill the conference was over sooo yea that was kind of a bad day for us. then on sunday our ride told us that he decided to go to Torino for the conference and we werent allowed to go to Torino for the conference and we had to take the train and we arrived late to the conference and missed about half of the priesthood session and then we didnt watch sunday afternoon because it started at ten at night untill midnight and we had to sleep because we had interviews the next day. Man we were on a luck streak or something. The conference was awesome though. Iam so grateful for the Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley. Hes so amazing and hes done sooooo much for the church. Man he is so humble if I was him I would be struting my stuff but he always remembers the Lord and the many blessings hes recieved. What a stud! Well keep journals and read your patriartical blessing often(i think i spelled that wrong but you guys understand anyway). Speaking of blessings we are having a baptism on friday. Jennifer was interviewed and she is ready to make this covenant with God. Yea I really need to send pictures, soo today I will buy a cable that hooks up to the computer so I can start sending photos to you guys. well love you all and remember "Gospel Sharing Homes"

Anziano Gilbert

Love to get his emails. The other day I read an "LDS gem" that brought tears to my eyes. It totally captures the way you feel about your missionary.

"On occasion I have observed parents shopping to clothe a son about to enter missionary service. The new suits are fitted, the new shoes are laced, and shirts, socks, and ties are bought in quantity. I met one father who said to me, 'Brother Monson, I want you to meet my son.' Pride popped his buttons; the cost of the clothing emptied his wallet; love filled his heart. Tears filled my eyes when I noticed that his [the father's] suit was old, his shoes well worn; but he felt no deprivation. The glow on his face was a memory to cherish." (Thomas S. Monson)

It is so true--there are no words to describe the many feelings I have about Dallas on his mission--but pride, joy, happiness--those pretty much sum it up. No amount of money or material things could ever replace the learning, service, commitment and blessings that come to a missionary and his family!

That's it for today...L


Nicole said...

You can tell that Dallas is loving where he is and what he is doing in his life. I can only hope for the same when my boys are at that time in their lives. You've done good, Mama!

laura said...

lisa - your pride in your son shines through! what a great experience for him!


Erica said...

Awesome experience for him! That story is so true..a parents pride in their children outshines almost everything :)